From Beer to Margaritas, and Finally to Wine

It had almost been a year since we left the school where we all taught for two years and I still cannot believe that I had the chance of working with some of the most amazing people in this planet. Most of them coming from privileged backgrounds and chose to do development work. Out of 8, 3 of us chose to work for the private sector with the rest working either in the NGO or the government under a contract still for the education sector.  I admire each of them for their dedication and humility in what they had done and achieved so far. If only we can have  ALL of the people working for the government have a heart and work ethics like theirs, I guess, we won’t need NGOs and the government will be adequate enough to support the better life for its constituents. Unfortunately, we only have a number of them in the government.

Chess, Gian, Carlo, Jessa, Ja, Nikki and Sofia.   

Writing this, I have no idea where to start and how to talk about each of them. Our differences and personal and weird inclinations were the same things that brought us together. I will always go back to this bunch of people whenever I can and whenever I lose track of my goals in life.

From beer to margaritas and finally to wine, our talks can go beyond love stories and heartbreaks, crushes, hottest guys to as deep as philosophy, politics, life goals and realizations.

I still have to learn the art of taking groupies and Sofia is not in the picture :( We miss you girlie!
The night was filled with good music as a pianist play in the lobby and each of us holding a goblet of red wine from France sent as a gift by our host’s partner. Two of them brought their +1s and it’s really nice to know that they are happy and inspired. Of course, I had been asked where’s my +1 to which I reply with that “teacher look” and that’s the end of the conversation about me. Hahaha.

We took our time to rekindle our teaching days and how we survived. Each being grateful to one another for being there. We really wouldn’t have been better persons right after that fellowship if not for each other. Yes, we are better persons than we were before the fellowship started. The 2-year commitment was a rollercoaster ride or emotions and ultimate moral challenges with which we had thrived because we had each other.

We are now on different career paths yet our “classroom days” hold us together. The advocacy for education equity is still there and is hasn’t really stopped. Two years is not enough to make the change.  

I won’t be longing for my teaching days if not for them and the kids. Some day, I will go back to the classroom and for every moment of triumph, discovery of purpose, pushing forward and learning, I dedicate it to them. These seven people had left a big mark in my life as a person, a citizen and as a teacher.


  1. You seem to really love teaching, and I do hope you'll return to it. I believe that being passionate of what you do is a great attribute and a great gift to the people you'll be working with and teaching for.

    1. Working on it.... I thought, I would never love it, but now, I'm longing for it. Hayst.

  2. Hayaan na natin ang +1 na yan cher Kat, malay mo +2 ka naman :)

    Bababalik ka na? :)

    1. Inaasikaso na.. Kaso Sir Lino of DepEd hasnt released the Memo for the procedures of hiring.. lols.. and rumor has it that he will be resigning soon to campaign for Robredo. So, really, we dont know.. Pero, im sent applications somewhere to start and sana isama mo ko sa prayers mo rin :)


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