The Small Red Car

I sleep like a normal person now and last night I dreamt that I was driving a small red car.

I was driving on a straight path at a very slow pace. At first, I was alone and then I had to pick up my father, we are going to a bus terminal to pick up my mother who came from the province.

The first road was straight and uphill. Then, when I took a turn to pick up my father, and then took another turn, the driving pace was very, very slow. At first, I noticed there were only two step ons (brake and gas) so, I think it was an A/T car. Then, noticing that no matter how I press the gas to speed up, it would just rev up but not speed up. Still, I kept driving. The roads had it's twist and turns and were bumpy and muddy. Shockingly, my father wasn't complaining at all! Then, he later read a text message that Mama was already home. We both hurriedly got off the car and ran home.

We saw Mama at the gate taking her bags inside the lawn while making sure that the dogs won't be able to go outside.

I had been thinking about why the car was so slow. Then it dawned on me that I didn't lock my little car! I left the keys and the doors unlocked! Also, while running towards the location, I remember that there was another lever to step on at the left side next to the brake, it was bit elevated compared to that of the gas and the brake. Then I realized, I had not been changing gears at all, which then maybe affects the speed of the car that I am driving. It was a M/T car not an A/T car! I wasn't driving it properly. To make sure that the car runs smoothly and faster, I should be changing gear and stepping on the clutch for that at the same time.

I hurriedly ran to the place where I left my car but it was not there anymore. We kept searching and I saw it with someone trying to drive it out. Then, I ran towards my car and tried talking to the other person and then I woke up.

I don't know what happened next.

What is my dream trying to tell me?


  1. I googled the meaning of your dream and there are many results so you better go and read them. But before that, I was making connection between your dream and your current situation and I was right. I like interpreting dreams and it just so happen that I also know what is your happening to you right now. Pray and good luck to your coming decisions. Drive carefully!

    1. I could use someone to talk to right now but I'd rather keep things to myself for now until I figure out what and how I want to drive my life to be. And I dont wanna directly share the burden. It just feel so heavy yet still bearable I should say. Thank you for taking time to read on this. I googled it as well.


      And I remember the great line from the poem Invictus, "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul."

    2. Do you know that in my third year of teaching, I left the school in the middle of the school year because the administrators wouldn't give us a raise. It was a bad decision. I went home and told my mum that I have no more job. It was a horrible feeling having something to nothing. Anyway, I was able to do other things after that and learned from my mistakes. So if others can, you can as I know you as a brave lady.


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