Oh No.

My dreams with you are simple….

            Spend the day binge-watching a series
            A good run at a certain trail
            Read a book while sitting beside you
            People-watch while killing time at a café
            Watch you move around the kitchen while prepping food for the family
            Kiss at a dancefloor
            Discuss arguments no matter how petty
            Sleep beside you
            Watch sunrise and sunset while holding your hand

How to make them reality, that’s what makes it complicated.

Oh yes, I have my needy days. I don't want to think I am needy. But this time, I am. Ugh. I hate this “time of the month"  all the mood swings in this world combined. 



  1. Jan. 14 na... isang buwan pa, feb. 14 na...
    may ganun bang date? parang nabura ata sa calendar ko hahaha :)
    sayo ba cher kat? lols.

    1. nakngtokwa! di ko napansin until pinansin mo.. arghh.. bat mo pinansin cher?!!! haha.. Lilipas din naman yun cher. May pasok po yata ako nun. Hehe.

  2. big HUGS for you :) we all get those needy days.


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