Why I Write 3.0

In celebration of the third anniversary of my little safe space in the cyberspace, which up until now, I haven't really figured out on how to give a more  "me" kind of design, I will try to enumerate why I do what I do in here, how I come up with topics, just about anything random about what and why I write and write.

1.  Unlike others' whose pages are themed into something in particular, mine is not, but I think it still is themed to something in particular--- my life.

2. This is a website that is all about me. My dreams, frustrations, failures, shortcomings, my altogether dramas in life.

3. Only a few of the posts have labels on them.

4. This is my safe space.

5. As one author had said " Share your story. Your life is a blog, not a book."

6. I don't wanna be immortal, I just wanna be remembered.

7. This is my stage, I am the singer and the actress. Soon, hopefully, I'll get to be the dancer too!

8. Not everyone would want to know what my thoughts are so I write them here.

9. I write for myself not for anybody else.

10. This page has no touch of good design in it because the author has no eye for one.

11. I will write whenever I can. It may not be posted here as always, but it will be on my phone, on my notebook, my notepad or my planner.

12. It's everywhere because my thoughts are shattered.

13. I am not so-OC with my posts, it's mostly, write and post, edit later when it's already posted and I noticed grammar lapses. Almost on all of them, I can pinpoint my own mistakes.

14. Most of the posts were hand-written down first or typed on my notepad before it would get posted. I rarely used the draft page on Blogger.

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  1. I also write for most of your reasons especially #9. And I thank you for being a part of my journey as a blogger where I get to build friendship with you through our blogs. All the best to you Cher!

  2. First off - happy anniversary!

    Re No. 14. The power of the first draft!


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