Saturday seem to be ending quite interestingly.

Two guys asked me over Facebook Messenger “IF pwedeng manligaw.”

Lets put the emphasis on the word “IF”.

I can’t seem to understand the use of the word “IF”. The way I understood “panliligaw” is the act of a guy of pursuing a girl. The act of convincing the girl that he is the right one, among the suitors. Or maybe I am wrong.

The way I understand the IF in the question, is that, IF I say Yes, it is as if I am letting him know that he has a chance on me and he is free to make passes since I said Yes. And IF I say No, it means that he had no chance and that I don't like him.

Anyway, I am writing this for oversharing purposes. LOLs. Kidding aside, it really bothers me because I seem not to have an idea how a good intimate relationship should start? Does it really come with mutuality right away? Girl likes boy, Boy likes girl, then they deserve to be together. No need for Panliligaw.

What if the girl rejects the idea of panliligaw? Does it mean that the boy should jump on to the next girl? And the next girl? Until one girl says yes to “Pwede ka bang ligawan?”

So, if I keep saying “No.” to every question like that, does that mean I would end up forever alone? And if I keep saying “Yes.” to everyone that will ask (ask if anybody would want to), does that make me a “bitch”, a “nagmamaganda” or a “pabebe girl”? Do I really even have to answer such question?

I can’t meet a guy and immediately say “I don't like him.” Maybe, I could say, “He is not my type.” But then, isn’t the purpose of Panliligaw is to make the other party know that he/she is likable? It’s a getting to know stage. Also, IF you really like him/her, you won’t stop until making “ligaw” until you get the sweetest Yes. Right? Diba dapat ganun yun? Or am I just imagining things?


By the way, for records purposes, the first guy who asked was the ex-husband of my girl bestfriend. While the other one was some guy I met on Tinder. See, walang kwenta talaga tong post na to. Hahaha.

Pero yung totoo, kelangan ko ng explanation, Ano po ba talaga ang Panliligaw?  


  1. the fact you are asking this question probably is enough to say let this pass for now.

    because if you feel it is the right time or he connects with you with a simple opening line, no explanation is needed to define what panliligaw really is.


    1. Hahaha. I was just really quote off guard nung tanong. And I had to think, sasagutin ko ba yung tanong nya or idadaan ko sa maraming HAHAHAHAHAHA.

      And youre right :D :D

  2. Date the person/s, get to know each other. After a date or two, be honest with each other. Either we stop and be friends, or I think I like you and let's go on. Sabi nga ni SO, jump rather than retreat for you never know what will happen next if you didnt put courage to this thing.

    At ang matiyagang manligaw is better than asking puwede ba, kasi kung talagang interested eh di magtitiyaga si lalake.

    Anyway, hindi naman ako expert, struggling po ako. So kung type mong may nanliligaw sa yo, go gurl! Balitaan mo ako via pm, ha,ha,ha,

    1. Hindi naman po sa type kong may nanliligaw sakin. Pero magtataka na rin siguro ako kung walang nanliligaw sakin. Hahaha.

      Syempre, babalitaan ko kayo kung anong mga hanash ko in life! Hihihi.

  3. I agree with Pepe and sir Jo :)

    At gustuhin ko mang magbigay din ng sagot o komento tungkol sa nai-post mo na ito cher Kat, mag-a-agree na lang ako sa kanilang dalawa hahaha! Sa akin pa ba manggagaling ang advice/comment/suggestion sa ganitong usapan, eh para rin naman akong coke pagdating sa lovelife - ZERO lols.

    Kaya, good luck and God bless cher Kat! Malay mo naman hihihi :)


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