Pending Stories

My Dear Little Safe Space,

I know I have been neglecting you for a little while now.

I actually miss you. I have so many stories to share. Thoughts and stories seem to pop up randomly in my head and that I wanted to tell you about. But I seem to lack energy to pull out my phone and type away my few liners for later expansion.

Right now, I am in the middle of excitement, fear and pressure. Much as I am claiming the rights to the fulfilment of my dreams and happiness, I still have inner fears and doubts about things unfolding right in front of me. That is very wrong, I know. If it were a different person feeling this way, and I am the listener, I probably would have advise that person to completely surrender everything to the Lord. To just let things flow, do what must be done and wait for things to happen as they are supposed to be, just because you believe that they are bound to happen. I should be following my own advice.

Let His will be done. As for me, let me do what must be done.

I promise to tell you everything about it as, either happy ending or heartbreaking.  Let's pray for happy ending, shall we?

I promise to update you more and tell you my future journeys too!

I promise to be back. Just in time for you to miss me and my dramas in life.
I promise to tell you everything.

I miss you my safe little space.



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