When I was a kid, never dreamed of being a teacher. Back then, successful career for me was pictured in wearing some corporate attire, high heels, chic bag, pretty nails, nice car and a high pay. That was my dream. Then, college choices lead me to take a baccalaureate degree in education major in Physics due to several reasons. Maybe, unconsciously, I really wanted to be a teacher even then.

However, the success I had pictured in my head was still the same. Until the day I had the chance to step into the dog-eat-dog world. It wasn't as pleasant as I had pictured when I was younger. It wasn’t as fancy as I had read it in novels. It wasn’t as fulfilling as I ought it to be.

Adulting is complicated and only the brave ones can say that they are in the process of surviving and thriving this stage of life. One day, I took the brave decision to step out of the comfort zone and start working on my unconscious dream of becoming a teacher. It had never been easy and is still not.

Successes came in small packages. The first were more than 50 pairs of young curious eyes trying to fit in a small classroom. It would be a day when my pair of pants would be filled with chalk marks, arms with permanent ink, or hair that had never been properly combed for the day. Then, success came in another form:  of kids learning to read, a class knowing how to take care of each other and kids dreaming big and working on it step-by-step. Another one would be: of friends and family taking time to check papers with me and for me. Taking time to read or listen to my classroom stories and mishaps. It also came in the form of words of encouragement, push and support.

Right now, success is in the form of hugs and giggles from very small arms and little mouths. Every day, morning hugs and embrace, cute little voices saying, “Good morning Ms. Katkat. It’s nice to see you again.” Also mommies saying, “Thank you for looking after my child.”

My heart grows bigger and bigger with happiness every day from the day I started to walk into the classroom. For now, let these be my stories of success.

I am still dreaming bigger dreams to share with others. But for now, until the next brave day, let these little successes fill my days and my heart.

To each and every teacher around the world, Happy World Teacher’s Day!


  1. Happy teachers' Day to you Cher Kat and more power. Also, more stories like this to fill up our days and may God bless you more patience, wisdom and love.

    1. Happy Teachers' Day to you as well Cher Jo! You are one of those I look up when it comes to teaching and embracing life :)

      This world is so blessed to have you :D


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