Exceptionally Epic-Fail.

I went on a date today. Sort of a speed date. LOL.

We were supposed to meet at 4pm, but since the traffic was really bad on a Saturday afternoon, I arrived at the meeting place around 4:25pm. I texted him and he said to wait for 15 minutes. He arrived 5:30pm. Since its already late to go to our supposed to be destination, we decided to go somewhere nearer.

I don't know where to start off with everything.

With him holding his phone allthroughout our conversations or with me having to repeat everything I said because he wasn't listening.

I told him that I am in some sort of "controlled food intake" since my blood pressure spiked up high last night.

It was our first time to meet and I noticed that he was a bit of "touchy". We had to cross a busy street and so maybe as part of his being "gentleman", he had to put his arms on my shoulder. He tried complimenting me about my looks saying I dont look my age. I look younger, he said. I just smiled and unconsciously waved my arms while I said thank you and that I always get that.

I didn't try to say anything about his looks because I felt that he is sort of "confident" about himself anyway.

While waiting for our order, he tried to ask a few questions like why I don't have a boyfriend right now, what are my priorities and my preferences. All of these happening while his eyes are glued to his phone. I can see him browsing profiles of girls. He showed me one, whom he said he recently broke up with. That's why he is distracting himself with meeting other new people. He said it was some sort of messy break up and offered to let me read their previous conversations. I respectfully declined the offer saying that it's something private. Our order came and we dug in. Noticing that he was still busy with his phone, I tried to keep myself busy with observing the place. It's not a very huge one so to keep me further busy, I launched my CoolReader app and tried to continued reading "Giants of Asia: Conversations with Lee Kuan Yew" I just started it last night and had covered almost 30 pages already out of 400 something pages. He probably noticed that prolonged silence and looked up to me and asked about the stuff I'm reading which I gladly answered.

He then took out a thick orange planner, he said he just wanna look at his schedule tomorrow. I noticed names written on pages, I jokingly asked if my name was there, and he pointed it was there. I don't know how to feel anymore. I asked again, if after our dinner, if he will still someone else, he said yes again. In my head, I was cursing.

We stood up and he got us some drinks which we both sipped while taking a walk ready to go home coz it was almost 7pm and he had to meet another girl.

We said our goodbyes at the entrance of the mall and he also said that he wishes me good luck on my plans for abroad and that he was serious about it. He even said he will miss me. I just smiled and then turn my back and never looked back.

I texted him that I arrived home safely.

I haven't dated anyone in a while and this is my sort of "come-back" date. Exceptionally epic-fail. I should just blame myself because I really didn't feel like going out but for the sake of going out, I forced myself to do so and all I saw were the bad things. I overlooked the good ones. Has there been any? Maybe he was just really trying to heal a broken heart.