Not There YEt.

Two persons. Two settings. Same story.

Last Saturday, on two separate occasions, I met two of my closest friends from separate jobs I had in the past.

Same Thing. Same Plans.

I had been inviting her for a coffee meet up and she kept cancelling because of so many reasons. I didn’t mean to tell her that I am leaving via SMS because I was planning to tell her that personally. But since she kept on rescheduling and I am not sure if I will be included in the last flight for the month, I decided to tell her via SMS about my career move. With that, the plan to meet got sealed and brought us to Twin Lakes in Alfonso, Cavite.

She has been working for 10 years now in the same company where we met and had gone close. Her dreams of being a pastry chef hasn't changed. Unfortunately, she hasn’t made any move to start that dream. She would always find an excuse about the delay. She would always find reasons about being tied to the company she is with now for 10 years.

Her situation is very different from mine. But I told her that it all starts with really having that will to change things for the better. I really hope that she finds that will and courage to take the first steps.

Time flew so fast and it wasn’t enough for us to completely share stories and everything. But we had to take the first bus back to Manila since I still have to meet another one in Cubao.

Too Busy. Too Selfless.

I had no plans of attending the party scheduled that night. I really just want to see her that day. She is too excited about my future and had checked on the map my would-be location. She is working on a project-based transition for the current education system to that of the K to 12. She has been going around the country and some parts of the world for work-related engagements and has been missing the classroom terribly.

She asked if it is selfish of her is she wants to just be in the classroom than where she is right now. I assured that it is never and will never be a selfish act of her. Both choices were selfless. For now, she just needs to finish what she had started and then, maybe by 2021, it will be time to go back to the classroom.

Loving the Philippines is one thing we both shared. Being happy in the classroom is another thing we both enjoy.

Waiting Extended.

Just like both my friends I had met that Saturday, I am still not where I desire to be, but compared to them both, I am almost there.

One maybe lost on how to find her way, the other one too occupied with so many things to get started, mine was just put on hold for a little bit longer that expected due to things out of my control right now. Best thing to do? Do things that will take you to that dream. Waiting is one thing, preparing is another. It doesn't matter how long it takes but as long as the journey has started, it will get there I believe. I didn't make it for this month’s cut. Due to some issuance delays in the prefecture where I will be placed, my career move has been delayed tentatively between January 10-19, 2017.

The next few weeks will be dedicated to bumming, reading, reviewing (I hope so) and weight-gain (Help!)

No matter what, we will all get where we ought to be.


  1. No matter what, we will all get where we ought to be.

    Well said, when we do put courage in and determination, just like what you did, we could start the journey to where we wanted to be. Good luck Cher!

    1. Salamat Cher Jo! Thank you for taking time on reading about my journey and your every piece of thought that comes after it..... :D :D

      It means so much to me :)


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