Miyazaki Hits

I am on my 9th day today in Miyazaki, Japan. It's winter and since this is a subtropic region, i experience no snow but the coldness really can drop to as low as 0 degrees Celsius. Enough to get those winter clothes up for a strut. I bought only one trench coat and several thick, knitted clothes to keep me warm this winter.

Except for a local cellphone number, I am almost settled in where I am at.

Mga iilang ganap sa buhay ko dito ngayon:

1. Time is time. No bumper to bumper traffic issues here!

2. Having a bike is a must.

3. I still do the local conversions of prices.

4. I may not have jetlag. But my metabolism seems to take its time for adjustment. If you know what I mean.

5. I tried Tinder. There are a lot within 3 miles but I'm a little scared. Though, this is one of the safest places, I still need to be careful.

6. Mama has Skype account and she knows how to call me in now! Hurray!

7. Tomorrow, I will start my Nihonggo classes.

8. Naging hobby ko na yata ang magpabalik-balik sa Maxvalu (ang equivalent ng Hypermart) at sa Daiso araw-araw.

9. Wala pa kong ginagawang meal planning sa ngayon, pero nachchallenge ng bongga ang aking cooking skills dito!

10. Nung una akala ko gaganda ko dito, tapos pagtingin ko sa salamin, ang haggard ng face ko! Superdry ang skin dahil sa lamig, dark circles around the eyes and ang hair, mukhang magsusuperdry na rin dahil araw-araw blow dry. Haybuhay.

But, so far, so good. I haven't taken a lot of photos since I arrived. I am honestly oerwhelmed and I am still trying to absorb the feeling that I am here.

Hope to get around Miyazaki, activate the shutterbug in me and be able to fulfill my next dreams for myself and my family.


  1. I have not visited for a while and what a pleasant read this is! I remember among the last posts i read fom this page was your frustration to be in Japan. Now, look where you are! Happy new year!!!

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Happy New Year indeed!

  2. Me love Daiso too kaso lang we don't have one here. :(

    Enjoy your adventure in Japan.

    1. Daiso is superlove. Hahaha..

      Will try to make the best out of this adventure!

  3. langya, tinder? seryoso? ayos sa olrayt yan. tikim tikim din 'pag may time.

    Ingat ka. uso pa naman harakiri dyan.

    payo ko sayo 'wag ka sa umaga maligo kundi sa gabi. para hindi masira balat mo sa lamig.

    1. Ah eh... Di nga makatikim eh. Di kami magkaintindihan eh! Hahaha...

      Oo nga eh. Gabi daw dapat maligo. LOL. Pero, pag ganitong kalamig, kung pwede lang din na wag na lang. Hahahaha

  4. GUUUURRRLLL! SO EXCITED TO TRY OUT TINDER AND GRINDR THERE! Hahahaha! That was enough to convince me to put Japan in my travel plans. Hahaha! Langya sa lande!

    Nako, outside the Philippines, kulang ang oras mo sa trabaho. Nasanay kasi tayo na kulang ang oras sa biyahe at trapik.

    Anyway, maganda nga mag bike lalu na kung malapit lang trabaho mo. Sesexy ka lalo gurl! Your tinder account will crash when these boys see you sexy! Hahaha!

    I am really excited for you!

    1. Naku, kakasabi lang ng Papa ko na ang taba ko raw. Nakakainis. Kapag sya na nagsabi, napakasensitive ko na. Hahahaha.

      Pero, igo-goal ko pa rin ang sexy body for more hottie days to come! LOL. Bisitahin mo ko dito please! Magkita tayo sa Tokyo or Fukuoka :)

  5. hindi ko alam kung ang sasabihin ko ba ay "i'm so proud of you cher!"
    parang ganun yung feeling pero parang hindi bagay na ganun yung sasabihin,
    kaso wala na ako maisip na phrase or words na malapit sa feeling na iyon hahaha

    it's a whole new world :) nakaka-excite siguro jan hahaha :)
    tc cher kat and enjoy! :)

    1. Hahaha... Salamat :P nakakapressure naman. lol...

      It`s a whole new world of adventure.

  6. I have a lot of catching up to do. I never got to meet you!

    1. Oo nga eh.. mej matagal kang nawala. Babalik pa naman ako ng Pilipinas :D

  7. Cher Kat, what are you doing in jp? *backreads*

    1. I work here as a teacher. Should you need a place to crash into when you get here, my place is very much open for you. I just happen to be 4 hrs away from Fukuoka though. Hahahaha.


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