Just Make Sure to Notice

Just make sure you notice... the collateral beauty. (Collateral Beauty, 2016)

I had never completed watching a movie without shedding a tear. Tonight, I cried a river while watching this movie. I tried to get distracted by ironing some clothes while watching, but I had to stop what I am doing because I need to catch up with the lines and every thing in between, until I decided to pause it, finish my task and sit down to play it again where I left off.

Different stories in a single movie. The pain of losing someone coz death, separation from a daughter coz of divorce, saving a company from getting a buyout, fear of losing a life-long investment, terminal illness kept a secret, the thrill of chase of big dreams.

He made an appeal with death. He questioned time. He said goodbye to love. But he never acknowledged life.

How does each of us cope when tragedies strike our lives? Do we ever get to see the collateral beauty attached to it? How long does it take to get a clear view of that collateral beauty? How do we ever begin to accept that collateral beauty?

I had found the movie deeply philosophical and it struck several cords in me that's probably the reason why I cried river and got to start this entry.

What is collateral beauty?

I've fallen in love a few times, been hurt the same number of times, all I can feel is pain and self-pity, that I can never be good enough for somebody. So, what is the collateral beauty in this?

The value of patience and faith. And forgiveness of self whenever I stumble into a complete a-hole. And millions of second chances.

I've chosen to live and work in a foreign land, away from my comfort zone, all I can sense in me is fear, homesickness and loneliness. So, what is the collateral beauty in this?

The presence of inner courage. The belief of common good and the faith that the Ultimate Being is omnipresent.

One should never deal with death coz, for all we know, it could also be a beginning of another life or another death.

One should never blame time coz, all it does is bridge life and death.

One should never say goodbye to love coz, we can never choose who or what to love, it chooses us and it's all around us.

We should all embrace life as it is, coz no matter how painful and tragic it can ever be, it will always be beautiful. Coz everything comes in pairs. For every tragedy, there is collateral beauty.


  1. I think my neurons are bleeding... i shouldn't overthink this. Ugh.... so it is really a good movie. More than that, you are enlightened after watching it. Wow!

    1. Hahahahaha.. Watch it yourself :P

      I didnt realize until today that I have a huge crush on Will Smith eversince. LOL


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