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Do you ever read something and feel like it's just for you? 
-Jim Preston (Passengers, 2016)

I just finished watching the movie today. Out of the blue, I decided to click on it, instead of my usual tv series episode on queue. And as usual, I cried before the movie ended. It's a love story that bloomed in the most unexpected place and time on a journey to a new life.

They were supposed to be asleep for the next 120 years until they reach their new planet, but something went wrong and a passenger, Jim Preston, was awaken 90 years before their expected time of landing. An android bartender kept him company. Until he had grown a crush on a fellow passenger and he had started prying on to her personal profile, growing more fond of her every single day until he decided to wake her up but kept it a secret. Being the only couple alive on the ship, they have no one else to go to but each other, they bonded and fell in love with each other. But of course, secrets are meant to be revealed, so one day, the android bartender, told her about it, which made her very mad coz, of course, that is not part of her plans. All along, she saw herself as a journalist who will be living in two futures. She planned to go back to earth after staying in Homestead II for a year. Making it another 120 years of travel back to earth. 

I'm not really a good storyteller, might as well just watch it on your own. LOL. What really struck me was the line of Jim when he started reading the write ups of Aurora. 

If ever you have been reading my blog, have you ever felt that it's just for you? Or in the future, should you visit this page, would you ever feel that it's for you?


  1. I believe that when we write these blogs, we write them mostly for ourselves. Of course, the possibility of someone else reading them always exists, but it is like getting changed in front of an open window. We don't anticipate that anyone is watching, but it gives a naughty thrill when somebody is.

    1. That's true, we write for ourselves. Until others start reading it. It's fascinating that someone else will take time to notice and comment.

      And I guess, there is real fun in stalking. Hahaha

  2. Moral of the story: Men who are in love can fuck up your future. Career muna bago puso. LOL!

    1. Hanggang kelan ba tong pag-asikaso ng career? LOL. Antagal ko na dito sa stage na to ah!


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