Pillow Over Flowers

Wherever I go, there will always be that one person who would tend to drain my energy at work or in life. To survive, I gotta fight that negativity. Sometimes, the resistance to the thought of the negativity could also be a reason to get drained.

Days are getting tougher and tougher. The almost laidback days at work are over and WORK is starting to speak for itself. With two training trips ahead, nine demo lessons on queue (5 already completed, so four more to go), days are becoming restless and restless at work.

Family and real friends just know when I need a little rescuing. Just an hour of phone call and then, everything seems to be put back in perspective again.

Younger sisters sending me single word messages out of the blue, telling me they miss me.

Papa, logging on to skype using my bro's account just to tell me he had opened a new account for my future remittances. But all along, I thought I was talking to my brother. LOL.

Then, that scheduled call from a friend from the other side of Japan. That's just how I am, I gotta schedule phone calls.

He reminded me of a few things to remember when boat starts shakin':

1. There will always be something better from where you are right now, coz that's human nature to be not contented. Nonetheless, don't ever miss to see the good things in whatever you have right now.

2. Do your work. Do it with love.

3. Goals. Always have goals. Always remember the "why" you chose to be here.

4. Stay away from things and people that drains your energy.

5. You know your weakness. Work on it. Build strength on it.

But this one is the best:

6. "Wag kang makinig sa kanya. Mas magaling ka sa kanya. Naniniwala ako sayo."

I'm probably missing home and the good people I used to surround myself with. All of a sudden, I forgot to be grateful. Good thing, they were there to remind me of it.

I am at a good place, the better one could wait for it's own time.

I think I would prefer a pillow to hug than flowers at this point in time. Eventually to be replaced by a real hug from my very own Mr. Sakto in the future.


  1. Basta tiis lang Kat... Puntahan ka namin diyan. Hehehe!

    We are forgetful beings. Always remind yourself why you're there, and that you are capable of doing extraordinary things that would surprise even yourself, and finally, you have to realize just how blessed you are being in Japan.

    I am overseas too, and it's not like Italy is paradise. Cost is living is shitty and there are many hassles. I don't even have a place of my own. But nevertheless, living can still be easy, when you know how. When life give you lemons, start throwing shit at it. I mean make lemonades. Kikita ka pa! hehehe!

    1. Yes please!

      I just always try to remember that if I stay in the PH, hindi ako kikita ng kasing laki ng dito at hindi rin ako makakapag-explore nang mas malawak. Hahaha.

      Bibisitahin din namin sa Italy!


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