Wrong Side of the Bed

I want to tell you about my day. About how I am feeling, how lonely it could be, how crazy my thoughts could go.

I want to tell you....

How I woke up at 7am but opted to stay curled in bed until I hear my stomach grumbled and eventually, I had to get up and fill up my tummy with whatever I have on the fridge that day.

How I tried to figure out how to hang dry all my washed clothes coz I included the beddings and towels.

How crazy the weather can change in here, it's sunny today, rainy tomorrow, sunny again for the next two days. Warm day, chilly evenings.

How I had delete my acount and uninstall Tinder on my phone. Apparently, I seem to have build enough connections for now.

How I have lots of chocolates on the fridge, but I opted to buy a very expensive slice of cheese cake, coz that's what I really want to eat. Matcha is for another stressful day.

How biking let me discover places and cities near me.

How I got a very cheap monthly mobile sim subscription without a contract.

How I wake up and wish to have your arms around me on this cold Monday morning.