Bumpin' Sunday.

Morning started with the ritual video call for breakfast with family. Papa was extra cheerful talking about his being officially a recipient of pension as a retired citizen. I was still lazily lying in bed when they said goodbye to go on with the Sunday church activities.

I decided to get up and slowly do the usual day off duties like the laundry and the dishes. I cooked yakisoba for lunch and packed my bag to pick up a package in the post office and then headed to the library. In the library, I tried to study as usual, giving myself breaks in between to read something else.

Ms.E suddenly sent me a photo of her having a yakiniku party at the comfort of her home and invited me to join her. Food! Who am I to say no to food?! In 20 minutes, I am home and traded my yakisoba and bottle of cider soda for a bunch of grilled pork, cabbage and bell peppers. Getting luckier, she gave me cheese desserts too!

I took a nap and realized that I had bills to pay so I had no choice but to go out again, withdrew funds, paid bills and decided to go get some groceries.

How lucky can I get that I bumped into another friend on my way home, Mr.Y and his sister Ms. C. He invited me for dinner at their humbled abode. I feel so elated and grateful that they welcomed me at their flat coz it isn't usual for a typical Japanese family to have new people in their homes.

Dinner was wonderful with the introduction of the Yona Yona Ale and ending with warm tea.

I even got an invite for a Sunday trip to Aoshima and a bouldering activity!

My heart is full with so much joy and gratefulness as these little things and actions come together to make me realize how blessed I am.

The challenge is to practice more Japanese so I can freely and heartfully express my gratefulness to these wonderful local people who make my stay abroad a great story.

365 QOTD
Were you "good" or "bad" today?

I tried to be good today but I fell short and I look forward to do more good tomorrow.