But at the end of the day....

I have been getting up from bed around 9am for the past consecutive days. That is a very bad sign.

I haven't been attending the Wednesday schedule of the Japanese conversation classes also. Wednesday, my day off, I really had no fixed schedule as to how my day off would go. Even laundry is not on the list.

Then, Tyas-san, my Indonesian friend, called and said that she would drop by and drop off the food she prepared for our lunch. With that, I had chosen to get up and dress up so we can go to the class together.

It was good. I sat down with two new students, both pretty Korean girls who were very jolly and fun to talk to. One Happy Point to start my not-so-planned Wednesday.

After that, my friends-Lea, Desiree and Tyas- spent the afternoon at my flat. I really had fun entertaining them and having them mess around my house. It is good to hear laughter and giggles in it. Then, we went to the mall for some shopping and checking out of make up and other stuff. After that, a quick stop at Mister Donut for coffee. Two Happy Points now.

We parted ways and I decided to drop by the bank and ask  if I can have a debit card-- sort of a prepaid Mastercard/Visa tied up to my savings account so I use it for online shopping and buying plane tickets. They said that offer only credit cards and I need to research myself if I can use my cash card for online transactions. Good heavens! Working for the customer service section of a famous bank for a while before, I find it weird that they need to tell me to research for myself if I can use my card for specific transactions, because they should be able to tell me that. But no mad feelings. It is a happy day as it is.

I just decided to take a walk around Tsutaya bookstore to clear my head and my mood. While doing that, an acquaintance messaged me and asked if I will go to the English cafe. Well, since I am available for that evening, I said, "Sure, see you there!"

The cafe was full of English conversations enthusiasts and we had to use another table for the chat. Which good, coz after a few minutes, 3 pretty girls and an older guy joined our table. Since the conversations went really well and we were still all having a good time, we decided to take a stop at a small shop for yakitori and dinner. This time, it was my chance to practice my Nihonggo which is still very, very bad. LOL. But they have been very supportive and I got to learn a words that night. One of the new friends I have met that night goes mountain-climbing too! The other one frequents the bar where I usually go to and asked if we can go to the bar one weekend night! I also got an invitation to a kids' programming session, it would have been fun, only that it happens on a Saturday and I work Saturdays. I am also looking forward to attending a Japanese debate in the future! Three Happy Points for Wednesday it is!

The day had gone overwhelmingly great for me. Thank you, Universe!

But at the end of the day, I still look forward to share my stories and the time with people I really care about, like my family back home in the PH. Then, hopefully, some day, with a significant other I can call my own.


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