But still it was a good night. I suppose.

After a few weeks of being a couch potato, last night, I decided to go to the only bar I go to.

So, after doing the laundry and the dishes, I dressed up, wore my fave black jumpsuit and pink lipstick, tied my hair in a bun, and put on my white flat sandals.

The bar is on the third floor. I don't really know why they locate bars on higher floors. Kinda unsafe for drunken people who wants to go home. haha.

It was a good night. I suppose. I met a few interesting people. A travelling, drunken French guy, a guy who said he was born in New York but can barely speak English, a Japanese guy who was on a date with a very pretty girl and an old Canadian guy who has been in Miyazaki. Funny how just sitting down at my fave spot at the bar could get me to expand my circle, start conversations, piss me off at some point, get sarcastic and have a good laugh.

I played table tennis, billiards and jenga and the humpty dumpty version of jenga.

Two tall glasses of Highball and 2 glasses of beer (Im a slow drinker and had no plans of getting drunk) then I was ready to go home.

Walking alone at 4am, I just can't stop the tears from falling down. I was happy then I'm sad.

But still it was a good night. I suppose.


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