Enough with the rant.

Destiny is a reward given to those who never stop believing. -Boku, Unmei No Hito Desu

I finally had the time to watch the last episode tonight. And that line, though it was just a translation via jimaku, it really resonated on me.

How would I describe work today? It would have been truly amazing until the final hour. Got one class and completed two lesson plans, I felt that it was productive day. Add to that the number of videos I had watched while lurking on social media. So productive, eh. Until, the bad news arrived. The management wanted us to conduct a lesson designed for elementary teachers. It was good idea, it was really something I am excited about coz it had always been my dream to be a teacher-trainer. If there is any good place to start with, it would be this event. But it entails a lot of work-- needs assessment, consultations, design of the program, proofreading of the lesson plans and the execution itself. I had pictured it to be something tedious but it would all be worth the effort, for sure.

But that is not how the management want it to be. They just want it to happen. Have the activities patterned from another branch's output, which honestly, is a total piece of s*&^. Designed by someone who really had no concern about what these teachers really need and what learned differently.

As someone who is an advocate of quality and equality in terms of education, I wanted to give my best for these clients, but that is not going to happen in a month's time of preparation. Nor will it be possible in a couple of months. We need all the time and resources we can gather to start with. I was looking into a Focus Group Discussion first to identify their struggles and want they want to learn, a basic needs assessment, then go from there. But it seems, that they don't even want to reach out to them, they just want us to dive into an ocean of problems. I may have been an English teacher to a Japanese school but that doesn't give me enough credibility to just blunder about what they need to do to be effective teachers. We need to know where they are coming from. Not just assume what they need. Enough with the rant.

In another news, I seem to have a better emotional state lately in terms of how I deal with my hormonal imbalance and homesickness. My self deserve a tap on the shoulder, Good job, self! Half year of staying away from my comfort zones and I continually discover a lot of things about myself, formulate bigger dreams and still challenge myself as to how far I can go.

Tomorrow is another day, and I am liking this day-to-day reflections that I write. Dear Kat, let's look back to these journal entries a few years from now.

365 QOTD
Q: What was in your mailbox today?
A: It was empty ;(

Q: Today, I was so ____________________.
A: Today was so productive. LOL.