I missed it for a good reason.

For almost 3 consecutive weeks now, my daily schedule hasn't been followed.

I didn't go to the Friday Japanese conversation class again. I've been missing it frequently, lately. Not good. Not good.

But I guess, today, I missed it for a good reason.

My cousin who lives in Australia messaged me if I have work coz she wanted to talk. She has been frustrated with how things are going on in their home and wanted to talk about it. So, I sat down, and just talked to her.

A little background

I grew up, with her as the elder sister I can closely have. Our families used to spend Sunday lunches together. We spend academic days celebrating honors and awards with ice cream and cakes from our favorite Uncle Manoy. She graduated first, worked as a nurse in the UK then moved to Australia where she started a new life with her "husband" and their 2-year old cute little girl.

The Now

As part of the new life, the husband's 15-year old son from the previous marriage, was petitioned and now lives with them. As someone who isn't used to having him around, and knowing my cousin, when she doesn't want/like something nor someone, it is hard for her to accept things as it is. Though she knew what she needs to do and other possible ways so they can start to bond as members of one family.

I can only approach things in the logical way I can see it. I have no experience with such acceptance of extra baggage and I have to very extra careful with my words coz I know that she is at a very sensitive state at the moment.

We both have lived a normal childhood family life and having to deal indirectly with this kind of relationship problems is simply something I am not sure if what I will say will matter or if it will even help.

I can only hope for the good things to happen after a storm like this.

I am no expert at things like these but they still like to talk to me about these kinds of things. LOL.

The Usual

I was able to get through the day quite calmly. The stress is a welcomed situation as it keeps me on my toes and just makes me excitedly look forward for the day to end. My coffee intake is improving to one cup at 3pm.

The Struggle

Since the day I saw one of my friends post a jenga set of her own, I have been craving to have one of my own. I checked Daiso but they don't have one. They have the Humpty Dumpty Brick Wall Set that can be played very much the same. I took that one and used it in class today. It worked pretty well, I think. But I still want to have that jenga set. So, next pay day, I will order one at amazon.jp

365 QOTD

What is your favorite dish to prepare?

I like prepping chicken noodle soup which I haven't cooked ever since I arrived here in Japan. But I recently enjoyed prepping okonimiyaki for my meals.