Mishy mushy and cheesy

Ms. E told me that I should hurry up and do the first move. To which I asked, how is that possible?

She loves making fun of my being single and my failed dating attempts. Whenever she asks me what I am looking for in a guy, I always tell her that I dont know. But the truth is, I really know what type of guy I like. Someone who exists only in films or drama series. Someone brave enough to declare his love and affection. Someone who is consistent, honest and faithful. Someone non-existent as others would say.

I am not the kind who would really do the first move when I like someone but when someone I like makes a move, I could easily give into temptations, I tell you. I had also learned to not speculate kindness to be something else. I am continually learning not to expect anything in return for my own unselfish deeds as well. And even though I may show submissiveness, I am not the type who would initiate contact. I would like to be approached moreso courted or at least given enough attention. No matter how head over heels I am about someone, if that guy dont reach out to me first, I would never initiate contact. And that would go on until I have clear understanding that we are in mutual respect of each other, making me comfortable to reach out and ask for favor or just wanna be mishy mushy and cheesy.


If it happens that I reach out to someone who I know I have a vague intimate or unlabeled relationship with, I am on a drunken dialling mode.
Whoever that maybe, I hope he gets flattered coz I dialled his number if I ever get to dial any. Lol.