No matter how I despise the current administration.

As I write this, I have a can of “chuhai” wrapped in tissue. It’s the usual flavour I get on a Friday night that I don’t make my own mix. 

Tonight, my friend from the US asked me to sing the Philippine National Anthem. She has been bugging me about the lyrics last night. She even asked if I still remembered the Panatang Makabayan, so far, I can still remember a few lines from the old ones and can still recite most of the lines from the current version. 

So, after doing my chores and before I went to take my night shower, I did a recording of the song. It wasn’t perfect, I still have that short deep breaths very obvious in the recording, struggling on the high notes and trying to make sure I had the right lyrics in my head. It all felt good though. Every lyrics lingered. 

I am still singing it in my head. I have to learn to play it in the guitar too. 

I guess, I really love the Philippines. No matter how I despise the current administration. No matter how I adore this country called Japan, my heart will always have that biggest space for the country that nurtured me then later on, broke me into pieces. 

My deep apologies for moving out of the country. I just can’t stay broken my whole life. 

I am worried about my own family back home but it’s better that I am here right now. Coz, they would probably be more worried about me if I stayed.


  1. It's good that you found an outlet, somewhere you can go and still feel productive. It's horrible when politics drives people away from their homes however. It is better to be somewhere where you are free an you can express yourself without fear of who may be listening or what the consequences might be.


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