Sunday came so fast.

Funny how life plays with my feelings--Saturday I felt so low and lone then came Sunday, I was with different bunch of people of 3 separate occasions i the day, to the point that eventhough I am already here in Japan, my father would still scold me and tell me to go home, on Skype.

30-yr old and single. My father still expects me to follow his orders. Lol. Oh well, I am not complaining.
I woke up lazily at 11am yesterday. I texted my Filipina friend and asked if I can come and visit her daughter and of course, pay respect to her mother-in-law who recently passed away. It was my very first Japanese wake visit.

It was very different from how it is done in the Philippines. Her husband was so accommodating, he taught me how to light the incense stick, pin it on  the white little vase filled with sand and how to pray.

He also mentioned that Shinto is not a religion but a way of living, how Japanese people are accepting all sorts of introduction of many beliefs for the sake of world peace. All of these were interesting to me, plus, I felt amazed that I got to go along on the conversation with more and more phrases I get to comprehend.

Then at 2pm, Tita G and her friend picked me and Ms. E up for a trip to Nichiinan to eat Pinoy dishes. We had pansit, kare-kare and spicy bopis. That felt like home a few hours.

We were home by 8pm and I planned to go grocery shopping but I fell asleep.

At 9pm, K invited me for boardgame night with other 2 gaijins. We played Betrayal at House on the Hill. After 2 sets, we decided to head out and look for some ramen.

This is how the universe plays with my emotions. One day, I feel so alone, then, the next day, I am so overwhelmed and surrounded by bunch of people.

Thank you, Universe.

At the end of the day, the best time will always be with family and someone to come home to. For now, I look forward to weekends. Let me look forward to weekends.


  1. I believe you are catching on to the secret! Surround yourself with good friends and positive people. Also remember that sometimes we have to feel a bit sad to make the happy moments so much more memorable.


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