Unplanned Pizza Night

So far, I am enjoying writing about the detailed day-to-day events of my life. I realized that when I started doing this, I was on a low point and had been writing all about things that are sad and lonely. I guess, hormonal imbalance can really tip me off. It is difficult to deal with, but hey, there are lot of good things going on with my life.

Saturday is usually a busy day at work. Today was nothing different from that. However, the torrential rains the whole day and early evening, made it a more F$^$$d up night. Going home seemed to be next to impossible that I even thought that of hailing a cab just so I can go home as soon as I can. But Ms.E insisted that we just take a walk home. So we did. In the middle of the walkathon, the rain got stronger and halfway through, we were drenched in rain like ducks in a pond. The rain wasn't getting any weaker as we got nearer our home.

I told myself, I would order that pizza and I would grab a bottle of wine at the grocery store tonight, no matter how expensive it may be.

When I got home I was still contemplating if I still wanna order pizza coz it was really expensive and I can't really eat all of it. Tita G then sent a message and asked about dinner plans, so I told her that I wanted pizza but it was expensive. I asked if she want pizza, to which she said, "go!"

An unplanned Pizza Night at my place with Ms. E and Tita G!

Later on, Ms. E and I decided to go to Donki for a late night shopping spree. I got myself a blender, a soap, a deep cleansing oil and a facial mist.

Lately, I noticed with myself that I have been sort of obsessing with beauty products. From effective dry shampoos to moisturizer and electric facial cleanser and other beauty regimen! Ayayayayay!

365 QOTD

June 24
Q: Without looking at the previous year's entry first, sign your name.
A: No change in my name. Errr.. And I don't see that coming soon.
June 25
Q: What is your most prized possession?
A: My family. I have no other wealth but my family. I am here because of them, my dreams, some of them maybe a little selfish, but most of my dreams, I want to share with them. 


  1. pizza is always a good idea! haha

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