What are my priorities in life again?

Early this morning, my friend whom I haven't spoken with in awhile, sent me a message. She was asking how am I. I said, I am good and still homesick.

She said, it's okay coz I am lucky to have job. Then, started sharing that she is currently out of work and in the middle of self-pity and finding ways to survive and not having money. Just all about the misery she has been going through.

I had no idea how to respond.

In times like this, I am more curious of how she is handling things and what has she been doing to alleviate her situation. Just gotta move forward.

I told her that it's okay to sulk for a few minutes but then, gotta pick up her butt and just do what needs to be done, like keep on applying.

I told her that I know how it feels to have nothing and as if the world being against you.

I told her that every person has a burden, we just differ how we carry ours.

For some reason, she said that it felt good to talk to me that morning. I apologized coz, I wish I can do more like lend her money or refer her somewhere but I just have no capacity of such at the moment.

Maybe, it's just what she needs to hear from someone. I don't know. But I would like to believe that it is.

I said, if she needs anybody to talk to and help her see a more positive and practical side of things, she can message me anytime.

I really hope I helped her a bit by just having a conversation. I really hope I did.

In another news, I wasn't able to go to Japanese class today coz I was moving like a turtle but I did have time to play the guitar.

What are my priorities in life again?