You know where to find me.

You know where to find me. 

Sundays are library days unless otherwise, Tita G has something scheduled like a trip to onsen, another town or just walking in the afternoons. 

As always, I am guilty of not studying what I planned to study. Though I am doing a good job of being off my phone, I am reading something else instead of practicing how to read Hiragana and katakana and simple Japanese literary pieces like douwa. 

I practice writing 5 kanji characters then go back to reading What If, then go back to writing and reading then, I go back more excitedly to reading Witches. 

Crazy as it may seem, I have this habit of reading multiple books alternately. Instead of finishing an entire book before jumping into another. 

Books bring me comfort whenever I feel broken. It may not give me that kind of joy another human being can offer but it definitely can give me that slow cure from being broken. Making me feel whole again. 

Books take me to places I dream of going to, inspire me to take measures to be where I want to be in the future, equip me with some sort of survival modes in real life, just a few, coz most of the time, experience is my best teacher. 

Library. Drowned in books. Sitting by the window. 

Sundays. You know where to find me.