Buckle Up, Kat

There is this attempt to work on a paper slowly but surely, but for this one subject, I can’t seem to do that. It is supposed to have been an essay I should have completed 3 weeks ago but I had never took an effort to write it until tonight coz it's due tomorrow. 

I had told myself that I need to improve my study habits and focus, lessen the scrolling on social media and read more relevant articles, research papers and write slowly.

At first, my excuse was, I am having a hard time coz the digitized copies are straining my eyes so much, I needed to get new glasses. And I did. I just got new specs last weekend.

Another excuse was, since the copies are digital, I needed a printer, and a good friend was very kind enough to lend me a printer unit! How nice, right?!

Also, since my laptop is old, mid-2009 model made, a Core2Duo, it takes almost forever to launch a software and that makes me lose my focus. I can’t afford to get a new one soon, and I really don’t think it is a valid excuse.

I have been putting up so many excuses for myself. I have brought this challenge to myself and it will be unfair to fail myself just because I got lazy. It will be unfair for my hard-earned money to be put to waste just because I can't put up with my old laptop. I worked hard for all of these.

So, after this procrastination stint, I need to be better. Can't afford to submit shitty case studies.

There will be no one to remind me, but myself.

So, Dearydear Meow, please buckle up before circumstances unintentionally whip you into shape. You wouldn’t want to learn from experience, besides, haven’t you had enough lessons on procrastination and delaying tactics in the past?!

Enough. I gotta get back to writing.


  1. This is the second phase of adultood, when you just have to stand up and just do it. Suck it up.

  2. Hello Kat. You have linked this post to my monthly photo challenge, 5 in 5, over at http://itchifingers.blogspot.com
    I think this must be a mistake as you have not taken part by sharing 5 photos taken in 5 minutes - or maybe you have linked the wrong post? Would you check this please and remove the link if it was made in error, thank you. Sandie

    1. hi Sandie, how do I delete the link? I plan to join but I still dont have my 5on5 entry. How do I delete this one and update it once I have my 5on5 post? Thanks for your help!


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