Highball and modules go well together

365 QOTD
What decision you wish you didn't have to make?

Hmmm.. How would I incorporate the house chores in my day. As a single lady, who is studying and working at the same time, also living alone, trying incorporate all these things in my day is tiring. I wish I can have more time in studying than thinking about what would I eat, how would I budget money, shopping clothes that would be flexible for use for different occasions, when should I do the laundry....

Though studying and work are my priorities, I can't just compromise my personal needs. So, I also have to take time to make sure that these things are properly attended to because, it would affect my work, my way of thinking and my health.

But really my wish is..... I wish I can come home to someone on a weekend, prepare and eat dinner together, talk about each other's day over wine, plan how to spend the weekend---cuddle or adventure,  have mind-blowing sex, then have a sound sleep and wake up to a beautiful morning and be productive citizens again. Then just keep repeating that cycle.

I planned to study at work but since we have a new hire, that took most of my time entertaining the new guy and how to go about the work stuff and teaching kids.

Going home for lunch saves me time to prepare my obento and makes my bag lighter too! Since the weather is getting colder, I find it as a good exercise and getaway from toxic elements at work for an hour as well.

Highball and modules go well together, but can't really have it always like that. I still prefer the not so cozy ambiance of McDonalds as it gives me that urgency to just keep going with my goals for the night. Plus, it's a good venue for people-watching :)

Tomorrow is Saturday, nothing new. Sunday, I have a mentoring program scheduled in the morning and I haven't even looked into the manuals and sheets they had forwarded. I don't know what to tell the upcoming graduates whom I will talk to on Sunday. Hahahaha.

It's starting to get colder and the graduate school thingy was a good thing to keep me busy.