The computer I used the most is....

365 QOTD

The computer I use the most is my Macy.

It's my very old MacBook white I got as secondhand many many years ago from someone I used to know.

It's been with me for almost 5 years now. And maybe as a reward to myself, I ought to buy a brand new MacBook air laptop :) Soon, baby, soon.

There has been a lot of tension between Ms. E and I after work. You know that kind of person who isn't sensitive enough about other people's situation. That's what she has been. Talking so much even though the manager has been telling her indirectly that she needs to shut up and do her thing silently. Hayst. She was even asked if she can write it down and then she could just give it to her because the manager have a lot of things to do and can't think anymore but she kept on talking the whole hour! It was just so frustrating that I had to go out of the room just so I could find some peace.

She even tried to confront me about it but wouldn't listen so there was no point of talking. I just needed the peace moment.

Then, checked out today's news only to know that Commission on Human Rights got a meager budget of PHP 1000. How can that even defend the lowest rank of human rights? Also talk about people who would blabber nonsense and then realized its nonsense and then delete it? Ugh.


  1. I'm still using my Vaio Laptop I got waaaay back 2006. It is now as cheap as CHR. Hehehe!

    1. hahaha... rest assure that the budget of chr will be restored to its original value or else mapipilitan silang ilabas ang tattoo ni pulong.


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