The Way I See It

This is us now, Philippines.
Nothing but keyboard warriors.
While we let the real Berdugo wipe out the more innocent lives. The real hope. The real entity of the Filipino our heroes of the past had long built--the innocent, industrious, young and hopeful…

Every morning, I am trying to work on my output for my Foundations of Reading as part of my MA class. Little by little, I try to go back to our readings and incorporate those what I have learned for the day to my paper. But still not enough. ANG HIRAP MGA BES!

It made me think about how social media drastically changed our reading comprehension and information processing from critical thinkers to violent reactors, yes I myself included.

On DU30 and Friends.
Every day, as I drown myself into social media and it’s a struggle to get out of, I get to realize how much our society is going down just because our schemata of common good and leadership had changed to become so shallow and violent. I could even out a subschema of fear into it. That war on drugs includes EJK and that includes innocent young people. Fake news and blogging is considered news. People had grown this habit of posting their speculations and comments that would hurt others, and smart-shaming and give justification that it is freedom of speech.

On Kita Kita Movie
We let “hugots” succumb our emotions and we saw love as a combination of an ugly and martyr, we failed to see the stalker in the man and the recklessness of the girl. This one, I got to realize after having a conversation with a Filipino guy I just met for the first time here in Miyazaki.

I miss my friends whom I can have discussions about books and their implications in life, how our society is changing and what can we do to make it a better place, the dreamy days of making classrooms safe and a haven for every child.

I am one of those Filipinos who decided to look for greener pastures outside the Philippines coz, every day, it breaks my heart to see how our society is deteriorating and my little ways aren’t enough to make it a better place. I didn’t realize that the heartbreak is of the same intensity as I watch it from afar, including the fear for my own loved ones.

It’s a struggle to convince myself to read journals, handbooks and academic references, reading more and more makes me realize how little I know, makes me so thirsty of knowledge and greedy to learn more, but my body and motivation is still limited. Gapang kung gapang.  

No doubt that we are literate readers, but the value we put on processing the things we decided to put effort and energy to read is what matters. We need to think deeper, way deeper than our emotions. We actually need to level it up to our brains.

With that, in mind, mas gusto ko na lang basahin yung Cosmos by Carl Sagan, which is part of one of the articles we read for this week.

Ang sakit lang po sa puso ng mga kaganapan sa Pilipinas. Ingat po kayong lahat na nandyan!


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