What was the most recent thing you've learned?

365 QOTD
What was the most recent thing you've learned?

* Today, I met with my mentee via Skype and I learned that I should never set the same expectations I had made for myself, to others.
* No drinking until papers are finished.
* If I really want to get things done, I really should realize my priorities and focus.


I got caught up with the latest Game of Thrones episodes as of today.

One thing I noticed about myself while watching the 3 episodes is that I don't look away from bloody scenes anymore. I stare straight on the screen. That twisted feeling on my stomach whenever I see a spurt of blood, death or any violent scenes, is gone. What has changed?


  1. I am so behind of watching Game of Thrones :(.

  2. What was the most recent thing you've learned?
    (halos parehas nung sa'yo cher Kat)
    Natutunan ko na i-categorize ang mga tao sa paligid ko (hindi sa paraang panghuhusga kundi sa paano ko sila patutunguhan at iintindihin), at totoo na hindi ka pwedeng mag-expect na pare-pareho sa mga taong nakapaligid sa'yo kaya kina-categorize ko sila para hindi ako masyadong maging idealistic at ma-upset (pati na rin sa sarili ko).

    Hindi ko pa talaga napapanuod yang GOT...


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