What went perfectly about your day?

Dinner break in between study times. 
365 QOTD

What went perfectly about your day?

I was woken up by a morning phone call from family.
I was able to get caught up with a friend for an almost 3 hour video chat.
I was able to study, a bit.
I was able to do some grocery shopping.

The best part was that conversation with my friend reminding me to save up for rainy days. I really appreciate him checking on me if I were able to save up and how my spending habits have been coz I'm really having a hard time figuring out what to do and how to deal with stuff. He was also able to walk me through how to use the Abema TV on my chrome cast.

My aunt was also kind enough to check my recent paper for one of my subjects and since she will be in the mainland for the week, she is also asking if I can send her the transcriptions for the other two papers I intend to write for the other subject.


Tonight's dinner was the no-sweat prep tuna in olive oil pasta with salad on the side.

I think,  I am really better off to just be single and be surrounded with good people.

Oh life. Why do I even have to feel this way?