Happy 1st Japanniversary to me!

So, I took the time to go out and say thank you to the people who made my move to Japan bearable and wonderful and memorable.

First stop was at the Muister Donut where I tried to write my journal.
Then, my Filipina friend came with her daughter and so, we took pictures and decided to make a wonderful dinner at their home!

Next stop, was to say Hi! to the bartender who made my Miyazaki life alcohol-filled. LOL. He just started his own bar and it is just so wonderful and a good place to be at, and maybe, I would take advantage of the Sunday night free entrance/no charge eves, just because, he does good cocktail mixes and his place just really feels good!

Then, on my drunken state, I walked towards The Bar. Knowing that, that the bartender is the guy who broke my heart, I still took the courage to go and just be there. Because The Bar, had been one of the happy places I know in Miyazaki. I don't know how to describe it, but the news of Shige-San having been to the hospital for awhile, is such a bad news, in one way, he was one of the many people who made my nightlife great, and so I think, I owe him one. But I didn't realize that it will be with a hospital visit. He had gone through a kidney failure and currently confined in the hospital due to a heart stroke. I wish I can do more, like take care of him and such but I know that with my limited language skills, I also have limited effort for taking, I just look forward to seeing him within the next week. I miss him dearly.

I got to have the feel of the bar, and won a billiard match, with someone I have no idea who. But still, I am grateful.

If you are waiting for something else or about someone else I would write about, I am sorry, I am not taking time, please ask me more about it personally.

But, yes, HAPPY 1st JAPANNIVERSARY to me! Coming to Japan had fulfilled and started some of my dreams, and so I pray for #theMeowAdventureContinues2018 as I work on fulfilling my dreams.

From helping my family, completing my graduate school degree, to being found as I am still lost, I continue my life knowing that there I will make wrong decisions and that there will be wonderful people to be celebrate life along the way.

I am forever grateful.
Thank You, Lord. I am a grateful soul.


  1. Akalain mo nga naman o kay tul8n ng araw 😀😀😀

    Enjoyin lang ang moment kahit may kaunting pagka home sick


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