I came home past midnight of 27th of December after a series of consecutive trips- a 5-hr bus trip, a 4-hr plane ride and a 30-minute uber car to home. A happy dinner with family and opening of the luggage came after. I knew that I had fallen short of preparations on what to bring who and even missed a lot of people on the list. So, this is what it gets in having a big, extended family. Getting only more or less 4 hours of sleep, the next day, I intended to accomplish my governmental transactions, confident that I can still get my way around , which I did, hailing a taxi cab, riding a UV express and finally deciding to just take the taxi all over again to get to my next destination. I met two good friends at Resorts World, we had lunch and had an exchange gifts, and had tea. The time has always been short whenever  we meet. It had always been limited to now, once a year already since we are all working somewhere else. But it was a great catch up. Time is time, as mentioned by my friend.

Im onboard a bus bound for Manila as I start writing this. Long trips are always the best way to start contemplating about life and everything in between. For now, as the end of 2017 is fast-approaching, it is time to sit down and year-end essay tradition.

Blessings after blessings, even in periods of adjustments, there were blessings.

Moving in to Japan was a dream come true. I remember having it as topics of my previous posts for the past two years, and it came into reality late 2016 and I completely moved in 2017.

The first few months has been tough, well, it is still tough until now, but as always, things get better and better. Depression crept in my veins multiple times and it took so much effort to fight it back. I turned into the wrong things and people the first few times to seek rescue yet it was a temporary one. Then upon realizing that it is not really making me progressive in many aspects, I re-recentered my values and my goals. Made the decision to shift major in my MA studies and that had kept me busy for months until. I also made friends with good people with whom I already considered my family in Japan. Took time to read books and also learn more about what I do. I made the public library my second refuge.

I was given a birthday surprise party by my Japanese friends. They also took me in on Dec 24th for they know that I will be alone. They invited me in to a Christian celebration of Christmas and it really felt wonderful to be around something familiar. That feeling of sharing the same faith.

I had a minor car accident that lead to many major spontaneous decisions which then lead to not-so good feeling until the end of the year. I realize that it is a bit unfair to conclude 2017 with such emotions knowing that there are far more other good stuff that happened to me in the year itself. So, I am writing with that hope completely forgetting the grudge and the pain and the regrets I have. Focusing on the many grateful things I have received in the year 2017. Just so many to mention. My blog can attest to that.

I am ending this 2017 year-end post sitting at the dinner table on the 1st of January 2018, sipping tea and eating a slice of black velvet cake from Mary Grace Cafe.


  1. Well at least your ending and your new start were very nice. I ended 2017, sick in bed and welcomed 2018, still sick in bed. I am okay now. But I've already thrown away 5 days of my life half-dying. Lol! Happy new year!

  2. Sounds like a fruitful and wonderful 2017! Wishing you a bountiful and blessed 2018!


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