What are you looking for in a guy?

I got the same question again:

What are you looking for in a guy?

This time, it wasn't an enumeration of many superficial, dreamy characteristics. It was just:

Someone who won't easily give up on me. On us.

In a world where the choosing and choices had sort of increased exponentially, people had started settling on the idea of "it can't be helped." "it wasn't meant to be." Then, start swimming off in the ocean again, repeats the mistake until they end up "settling" for something less. Realizing that the search in itself is tiring and so, they "settle".

It has become easier to find a reason to leave than to have the strength to work on misunderstandings together. Some people had lost the courage, the grit and the real meaning of "love". How unfortunate that I keep stumbling upon one of these kind of people.

I am on the tired point of making myself available and open and submissive. But one thing is for sure, I am not going to settle for anything less.

I should ready myself to growing old alone.


  1. Yes, don't settle for anything less.

    And there is nothing to worry about if you grow old alone. As long as you are happy, everything will be alright.

    A lot of couples are still together, and stuck together, but not happy at all.

  2. One stiff cock. I don't need a big one because I need to go to work the following day, and it involves a lot of running and walking and standing up. Hahaha!

    Cute, not hard to look at. Intelligent and good conversation, because it's not like we're just gonna have sex all day everyday. I got things to do. Perhaps someone who is willing to be able to provide financially. I am broke. I need a generous patron or sponsor/lover. He could be 10 years older than me. 50 is good, as long as good-looking. 60 is not good, but if he has a palace, chalet or an elegant cottage in the country which I will inherit, then yes, I can marry him.

    So you see, I'm not settling for less myself. Hehehe! But the thing is, guys should be willing to "work out" their relationships, and not just the ass and the biceps. My God, all these men with their swollen bodies but no balls to hold up a relationship. Bastards.


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