What is the last "good" thing you ate?

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What is the last "good" thing you ate?

A bowl of tomato ramen topped with cheese, basil and garlic.... Oh so good!

I arrived in Miyazaki last night. I was welcomed with that cold, chilly feeling. That familiar emptiness and sadness is back. The only thing that keeps me from falling apart is its familiarity. After a year of struggle, finding ways to survive, getting to know people, hurting and finding comfort from people who care, I am well on my way for Year 2 in Miyazaki.

I unpacked my stuff as soon as I got up from bed at around 11am. I didn't really have a lot of things to take out but it was still messy and all over the place.
I thought of eating tomato ramen but since it was raining, I really didn't have energy to go and hop on the train. So, after a bit of contemplating, I decided to go out and update my passbooks, buy some paperbags for the little gifts I had brought for my friends and grabbed a tuna sandwich and coffee latte at Mister Donut.

My Japanese friends invited me to visit Florante Miyazaki and apparently, tonight was also the last night of its Illumination. How lucky could I get! I met their friend, M, who actually had the tickets so we could come in for free. While in the car, they gave me some not so interesting news and just shrug my shoulders. The illumination was amazing and romantic at the same time. It was a really good dating place. Ugh. I enjoyed it nonetheless coz I was with friends.
OuterSpaceBrightness. It looks like that year's illumination theme has something to do with the outerspace and aliens. Haha. It was such a great sight to see and a great welcome back experience as well. 

Then, we decided to have tomato ramen for dinner!
TomatoRamenLove. That kind of love that makes you crave for more and more, every day. 

My day came in full circle. From the chilly welcome, to my cozy home, to great friends, to unfinished closure and the satisfied craving for tomato ramen.

Life reminds me that the best way to appreciate and enjoy life itself is to notice the variety of experiences in a day and still be thankful for everything, even the "no closure moments", maybe those kinds of experiences are meant to be that way, a reminder that there are things in this world that is out of our control. With the bowl tomato ramen capping my first night back in Miyazaki.

2018, よろしく お願いします。


  1. I love how you mentioned the foods you had in there but at the same, it makes me feel sad. Never had a "real" ramen before, only those that I can buy on the sari-sari store. I bet that's a yum, 'coz I even enjoy my Php12.00 ramen from nissin. HAHAHAHA! Those lights, are those in motion? What a display!

    Glad to found your blog. :]

    1. Hi Leomar! Thanks for visiting my page. Ramen is easy to make but the broth, which is the heart of it all, takes almost for-freaking-ever to make. LOL.

      The lights changes color while on display. For the Christmas tree, I really like the blue lights, that’s why that’s the one I tried to capture. Illumination displays all over Japan has been quite a popular tourist attraction with different themes per Prefecture. In PH, when I visited, I got to see the one in Resorts World and it’s such an eyesore. LOL. Literal na masakit sa mata. HAHAHA. But the ones in Japan are beautifully arranged in such a way that anybody who views it will be amazed.

  2. Ramdam ko gurl ang drama at emptiness while reading this entry. Wish i could give you a hug. Pero naka survive ka na ng isang taon. Things will get better. As for me, the last good thing I ate was a guy's dick. Hahaha joke! Well, would you believe? Ramen too. Nag dinner kasi ako at yung bestfriend kong mahal na mahal ko secretly (yes, 14 years na M.U.- mag-isang umiibig, lol!) ng ramen. So parang ang sarap sarap ng kinain ko. May bitter after-taste nga lang kasi kasama namin yung fiancée niya. Ang puta ha. Hahaha!


    1. Magbago ka na kasi. Lumandi ka na sa iba. Kalimutan mo na yang pagnanasa mo sa kanya, ipasa mo sa iba. HAHA. Andami kong sinabi. Nyemas!

      So far, so good! I am trying my best to not have that break down and my friends are also watching over me in some ways coz they seem to always appear at times that I am about to have some or on the verge of breaking down. Galing diba?

      Gusto ko na magka-boyfriend! Padalhan mo nga ko ng yummy Italian sausage! LOL.


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