What's the hardest thing you are dealing with right now?

365 QOTD
What's the hardest thing you are dealing with right now?

Why does it seem like the day itself knows what to ask me? LOL.
Disclaimer: I know that my issues are way to small than what the whole world is going through right now.

The idea that he has a new girlfriend, at a span of more or less 7 weeks after break up, it just hurts. Or maybe, the idea of another party has always been there even before we broke up and the break up was necessary so they can be together. Dang! That double hurts! Oh well, I am still alive. I wish them well. My heart will survive. This is just one of those dark days.  And this is way too small than what the world is suffering from right now. Wars, famine, neglect, illiteracy, social divide and anything else you can think of. For me, I will be okay.

Alcohol Weekend

I seem to have spent my weekend with alcohol.

On Friday night, in my attempt to meet the DJ in the house, I got a house-blended Honeyjito from my favorite bar with the original/prime bartender to do it for me, since they don't have the mixed bottle of it anymore. Together with that was the heartbreaking news on the side. Ugh.

On Saturday night, I had a good language exchange with my Japanese friends and we had dinner at a local restaurant and had a more interesting exchange of ideas over local food and local wine! Then, my Filipina friend asked me to go out as well.

In the middle of having a good time, I received a phone call from my uncle based in Riyadh, just asking how I am and my adjustments, if I already have friends, and fully supported my going out deeds with a reminder that I be careful.

On my tipsy state after coming home and taking a shower, another uncle sent me a message asking if I can book him a local flight, which I am still frustrated about while writing this. But I just have to let go as my hair is already dry and I am damn sleepy. LOL.

Good men. Good men. I grew up around good men. A mere reminder that I am not lacking in number of good men and that I deserve a good man to be with.

Another hashtag blessed moment in my life.


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