Name a person you wish you didn't have to deal with today.

365 QOTD

Name a person you wish you didn't have to deal with today.
... well, I will be dealing with XYZ for the next few months and counting.


XYZ is my classmate in grad school,  based in a European country and been the most active in our virtual class. XYZ is always the first one to post in forums, the first one to comment and the best person to put one's confidence down and the best person to discuss round in circles pretending to be knowledgeable at what is being talked about but can never really give any definite answers when the question is thrown back. The first one to discuss about no-drama acts but the first one to put so much drama in forum posts. The best energy-sucker, that's how I would describe dealing with XYZ.

I know XYZ knows a lot and would be a very good resource about many things, from survival as a foreign teacher in a country in the Middle East, XYZ's line of work in publishing academic books,  experience with working with authors. Just so many!

But the tendency to lambaste is just so evident when XYZ tries to criticize our posts. It tends to make people just stay away and disassociate as much as we can. Truly, it is not what you say, but how you say it. XYZ is quite a curious person, but with the way the words are framed, XYZ wanted to be always the experienced, the expert, the most proud which then make XYZ look so stupid-- an empty can, makes the best noise. And not a word we say will ever satisfy XYZ's curiosity. Not even a hint of respect but just so full of mighty arrogance.

I just hope things will change and things will turn around and our relationship with XYZ may end with a more positive story.

I always pray that whenever I talk to someone, that all I maybe able to say what the other person needed to hear, that I may be a source of comfort and encouragement. But I guess, as part of the imperfection of the human nature, I have a shorter limit compared to that of others.

I would like to see this as a test of patience, mind shift and humility. As I dream of building a career in teacher training in different cultural background, it us just but needed to also have patience for the pretentious and people who seem to lack affirmation with what they are doing and had done in their adult life and help them have a better view of circumstances with much more kindness.

I would like to remind myself that my mantra is "Kill people with kindness."

Again and again. So help me God.


  1. Ugh! Hate those kinds too. So obnoxious. So condescending. So righteous.

    Hahahaha. Speaking from experience.

  2. Nagtuturo pa ba yang si XYZ dito sa Middle East? Mapahanap sa mga minions hahaha

    I like your mantra... Killing people with kindness.


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