Last minute emo challenges the TigerAir-way

Early morning flight back to Japan and I just wanna cry.

Yesterday, I forgot my keys and thought I left it at the airport and so I called the airport lost and found section, police and another phone number only to be disconnected because the airtime on my sim ran out. Giving up on the situation and not-so helpful receptionist at the hostel, I opted to just buy a new weekender bag and a pair of scissors and cut the zipper line. Only to find out that I had the keys locked inside the bag. 

I got on with packing and knowing that I would be overpacked and had a hard time doing another baggage increase, I knew that I had to pay extra at the counter and I thought that I had made a good computation of how much I will pay, I just get on with the earlier decision and tried to take an hour nap. 

Woke up with the alarm, got dressed, hailed a cab, got into the bus terminal, bought the ticket, got on the bus, arrived at the terminal, picked up my luggage and the miserable feeling started when the check in counters open. 

My check in luggage was overweight by 5kgs. In my experience, the ground staff is always willing to negotiate for a price. Not this lady who doesn't look sympathetic at all I told her that that I only have cash of 1400NTD and I can give all that for the overweight baggage. But she just wont let me do so. She said I need to throw some stuff away. 

I don't wanna detail on the things that I had to let go. I just hope that who ever picks it up, the cleaners at the airport, I hope they can still make good use of the clothes, underwear and others. I had to let go of the fake Longchamp bag, too. The pack of coffee had to go as well. That was the hardest part. Lol. 

As much as I can, I will not fly TigerAir. 
As much as I can, I will abide by the rules. 
As much as I can, I will be a minimilast. 
As much as I can, I will travel but not with TigerAir. Hahahaha. 

We are about to take off and I just cant wait to be back to my home in Miyazaki.


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  2. My parents had to throw away some of their stuff because of their overweight luggage one time. Flying isn't what it used to be and customer service seems to be going down the drain. Hope you're safely home now.


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