Ramen Buddy Coming up!

Dark skies has been covering the skies this whole Sunday. 

Dark skies, intermittent drizzles, chilly air. A very gloomy winter day. 

I got up very early to prepare myself for the school's Christmas Party. It all went well. I know that it will just be busy so I stuffed myself with heavy breakfast and went on with the day. It was such a fun party for the kids and their families. 

I have started to have Christmas blues and been battling the tears but I guess they are bound to flow any moment from now anyway. 

I thought of diverting my feelings to my craving for tomato ramen and how kind the universe is to me when one of my new friends this year agreed to accompany me and find me a ramen shop to satisfy my craving. 

As of this typing, he said he is on his way.

I am nursing a headache, maybe because of being tired, hunger and the gloomy weather. I decided to stay in the coffee shop until I am ready to feel alone at the comforts of my home, while asking my friend to accompany me for a ramen hunt, to which he agreed. I hope these two ladies on the next table will still be here when he arrives. LOL. 

The results for the Qualifying Exam isn't out yet and that is one thing that has been causing me anxiety attacks and I have been trying my best to stay positive and prayerfully asking the Lord for His blessings and for Him to grant me this as my Christmas Prayer. 

Other than that, life has been moving slow, embracing loneliness and trying to convince myself that everyday, I am making the right decisions. That these things I do now, are meant to move forward. 

Too bad, the two pretty ladies on the table next to me left already and my friend isn't here yet. I wonder if he will still come or if this ramen conversation will be the end of this friendship. LOL. 

His presence in my life is a good reminder that though deep down in me, I want a romantic relationship, the reality is telling me that what I need is a friend for now. Intimacy can wait for a little bit more. Or I should just get it somewhere else. Who knows. But for now, grateful for wonderful people around me. Particularly, this ramen buddy who is taking forever to arrive. LOL. 


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