Sunday Blues

Of the many things I can do, sitting down and typing here about my life is what I always look forward to. Eventhough, I cannot really do it most of the time. I wanna type about it as if it has significance, as if it is important, as if it something another person would want to know about how my day had gone.

I spent the morning for chores. The usual laundry, folding and cleaning and just really trying to tidy up. Whipped up some breakfast and cup of coffee. Thought of how I what could happen for the day and what to look forward to. There was a bit of disappointment that my friend couldn't come to the party but I also excited to know who I am going to meet in the party.

I was so slow this morning, enjoying the final chapters of the book I am reading that I didn't notice time to pass by so quickly making me miss my scheduled bus and had to come in late. The host was so nice enough to offer to pick me up in front of my school because we had no idea about the nearest bus stop to their house. I am so grateful for this young couple for welcoming me in their events and moments. Just wonderful to be meeting people and having the chance to open up again and again.

It didn't disappoint. We were served a fresh-from-the-pan, smoking and warm criss-cross cut sausages, and two plates of meatballs with cheese inside, honey-mustard and sweet chili sauces to choose from,  and fresh garlic bread, all the good smell filled the air. For dessert, we had a slice of homemade chocolate cake and hojicha purin, paired with Kenya Earl Grey Tea. More stories, questions and laughters were shared among each other.

More conversations about the year and the year to come, music, movies, relationships and the future.

We called it a day at 7pm, they were so nice that they offered to drive me to the city where I can pick up my bike and just go home. I thought the lunch party will just be short that I will have time to sit in a cafe and do some work stuff but since I am having a good time, I just decided to drop it all for the meantime, then and there.

I haven't started on anything as planned and I do intend to get started tomorrow-- taking in between breaks and getting on as planned-- to plan for the next year.

Getting on wit the evening with my second glass of red eye (beer + tomato juice) as I work on this post. While passively listening to the final chapters of The Fountainhead-- I am so grateful to have encountered this book from a very unusual encounter. I hope to be able to ponder more and live my own Dominique Francon self without a Howard Roark.

Evening routine and then lights off after this.

Sunday was slow, low but still something to be thankful for.
2019 was low indeed, yet I would like to think that it is for the reservation of the energy for the 2020 that is to come.

Ahhh.. The meatballs were so good and I wish to eat more. HAHA.


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