The Cycle Has Been Broken


How can I break the cycle?

Stop. Confront. Hate and then Move on.

That is how you break the cycle, Kat.

To which, you can give yourself a pat on the back, Kat for having done so. So, STOP- check! Confront? Is there a need? I don't think so. Just drop it altogether. You have better things to do in life just to deal with that kind of person. HAYST. It was never your loss and all these realizations will be your gain, altogether.

Care no more. For that person. As if he cared that you are hurt. If he had thought of it, his brain would have realized it even before he opened his mouth. End of conversation.

Move on. You are good at it. Be better and make sure that when he sees you someday, he will have the feel of cringing at the spot where is standing out of shame just by looking at who you have become.

Continue being amazing.


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