2020 is for Claiming

My word for the year 2020 is CLAIM.

In 2019, I had engineered my smallness and what I think I deserved. I kept things low and small and most of the time stopped big dreams and put on hold greater plans just because.... I felt safe in here.

The last year was a time for recharging and energy-saving. This year, 2020, is about the time to use those I have gathered.

Claiming big goals.
Claiming greater strength is accepting rejections and failures.
Claiming humility in every goal achieved.
Claiming accountability for every shortcoming.
Claiming responsibility for every promise.
Claiming honesty for feelings.
Claiming vulnerability for the need to be with someone.
Claiming love for one person, for people around me and for my advocacy.

Claim. Claiming. Claimed.

With every CLAIM, there is prayer to the Lord.
With every CLAIMING, there is honor for the Lord.
With every CLAIMED, there is sharing of the blessing from the Lord.

Writing this down so that when I feel like giving up, I have something to remind me of what I told myself. When I feel like slowing down, it can be a part of my re-fueling-- truly how powerful a thought can be for someone who can read but first to the person who was able to come up with it.

Claim love? What kind of love? Romantic love?
Oh yes! Claiming all forms of love, including romantic love. As to how it can happen in 2020, who knows. Let love keep flowing.

In The Fountainhead, Gail Wynand asked Howard Roark, "Have you ever been in love?" Roark answered, "I still am." Reading that made me gasped, held my left hand to my chest and made a loud, "OMG".

Read The Fountainhead, I dare you. Read deep thoughts and see the events of this era written as early as 1940s. It will blow your mind.


  1. Happy new year, Kat! I pray you get all your heart wishes this 2020. <3


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