Excellence for 2020

Conversations at home are becoming funnier and funnier over time. Making me miss dinner table hours and Sundays the most. 

Today, I filled out the yearcompass(dot)com form with my friend. 

She came over for lunch and brought some desserts. I cooked spaghetti in tomato and garlic sauce and I am just relieved that she liked it. 

After that, she helped me in translating some important pointers about the Principles of Jena Plan, which has been the heart of the curriculum that we are developing for the school. 

We almost forgot about the YC project because we were so engrossed with the conversation about the education sector, culture and just everything serious about what we do as teachers. 

Glad that we were able to complete it.

EXCELLENCE. -- that was the word I had put for 2020. 

2019 had been mostly for the sake of completing and getting things done. Let 2020 make up for it by having that mindset of giving the best, sharing the best and showing the best of myself in every piece of work that I do. 

As I had discovered the ways to manage my anxiety and loneliness, it is just but right that I give my best for the people who made it possible for me to survive that shaky point of my life. 

At the start of the year, I had set CLAIM as my word of the year, and would like to describe it as well as a year for EXCELLENCE-- something that I had put aside and focused on surviving instead. Giving myself a chance to be bold and brave in every endeavor I want to make. 

Having a good start. Making the best of the moments to keep the momentum at a good level for the entire year--- an excellent resource management skills needed. 


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