Prayer for Courage.

If there is one thing I pray that I will always have, it will be courage. 
The courage to take responsibility to accept failure.  The courage to move on into the unknown.  The courage to accept that I can never be perfect, no matter how I try.  The courage to believe that these choices I presently chose will be something good in the future. 
Courage. Sometimes, it gets lost when we choose convenience. Just sometimes.

The Lesson to be Learned.

What is between me and airports and airlines this year?

I was suppose to go to Kansai Airport today but I ended up in Osaka Airport today. Only to realize that I have no more time to get to the other airport on time for my flight. I am so doomed.

Then, I took a deep breath.
Usually, Peach flights are delayed. But I dont think I would take the option to call the Peach hotline and inform them that I will be late. Such a way to broadcast my stupidity.

Took another deep breath.

Logged onto the internet. Cancelled the flight. Booked another flight.
Byebye, Yen worth two pairs of Onitsuka shoes! I should have known.

Then, my friend called me in asking if I am willing to take a modular project regarding educational management, willing to pay for an immediate completion of the modules. The amount to be collected will be some amount to cover for the unexpected expense I had done today.

God is still good to me.

For one, my mistake was just due to complacency. I should have checked. I should hav…

Prayer After Exam

Today, I took the Qualifying Exam so I can proceed with my MA degree studies. 
I know I did my best, wrote from my heart and just entirely praying that the Lord grant this endeavor to me just so I can keep learning, learning the right way. So I can keep doing my job the right way and be able to encourage and empower others to keep doing the right things the right way too. 
I hope that it isn't too much to ask. 
All I want is to be busy with something meaningful for me and helpful to others. 
Lord, I lay all my worries to You.  May I find peace in whatever decision You have for me.

Randomthoughts 18 Nov 2019

May 10 minutes pa ko bago yung Fight DO class na 45 minutes, so magmumuni-muni muna ko. 
I haven't done this in a while rin eh. 
1. Maulan pagpunta ko dito, naka-bike lang ako, medyo naawa ako sa sarili ko. Eto yung mga pagkakataon na minsan di ko alam kung tama ba yung mga desisyon ko talaga sa buhay. Yes, emote agad dahil sa ulan. 
2. Unti-unti naman na kong nagiging mas brave na magsulat ng academic paper. Sabi naman ng friend ko, the more concise, the better, basta andun yung point of view. So basa, aral, sulat. Ganun na muna. 
3. Yung mga classmate ko dito sa gym na mas matatanda pa sakin, eh mas magaling pa sakin sumayaw. Ayun nga, can't have it all talaga. Lol. 
4. Sana paglabas ko dito mamaya, di na maulan. Or else, another set of self-pity emote na naman yun. 
5. Konting push pa sa aral, Kat. 10 days na lang, exam na. Pag pray natin. Ipag-aral natin. Ipagsulat pa natin. Ipacritic pa natin. 
6. Mga isang buwan na kong di naglalagay ng make up sa mukha. Di ko lang feel. 
7. Mag…

Quiet Sundays. SNS Diet.

I am dedicating the next few days for more readings, attempt on answering and more writing activities, just like what I did yesterday. 
I got up from bed aroun 8AM, an hour late from my usual start of a weekend. In my head, I was already computing how much time to spend on each home chore until I can get ready to go the library. I didn't get to finish until 11:30AM. Two hours late from my anticipated ETD. But still, I'm happy to have cleaned and tidied up my little crib. 
I intentionally left my phone home. I wasnt expecting any important calls or contact. It was quite a struggle at first but I am glad I made that detachment for 4.5 hours, studied two subjects, tried to complete an essay and get to read chapter of the book I'm reading. I borrowed two more at the library though I am not sure if I can lay a hand on it soon. But I have too. 
Also, a friend asked me to do dramatic voice prosody recording of a poem for his class, and so I did. I actually enjoyed it.
The Bumble app …

The list goes on.

I have been trying to go out more often recently. Gained a few people I can hangout with and since I am single, in a social context, the conversation will always go to that question of:

What am I looking for in a man as a life partner?

I realized that I really have no clear preferences or descriptive illusion of how and who and what I wanna be with.

I would like to think that I am comfortable being single, but admittedly, on the deepest of me, I am still longing for someone. Specially now, where I am, actually I am surrounded by good pairs and it makes me wonder if will I ever have one for myself. I am praying for one for myself.

I remember writing a few personal articles about what I want in a man and maybe it is about time to a re-writing, just so the wish doesn't disappear and also we should never underestimate the power of visualization of the the future we want.

The Non-Negotiables

1. I want someone who treats his mom and family in general warmly and nicely. Not afraid to exp…

Last minute emo challenges the TigerAir-way

Early morning flight back to Japan and I just wanna cry.

Yesterday, I forgot my keys and thought I left it at the airport and so I called the airport lost and found section, police and another phone number only to be disconnected because the airtime on my sim ran out. Giving up on the situation and not-so helpful receptionist at the hostel, I opted to just buy a new weekender bag and a pair of scissors and cut the zipper line. Only to find out that I had the keys locked inside the bag. 
I got on with packing and knowing that I would be overpacked and had a hard time doing another baggage increase, I knew that I had to pay extra at the counter and I thought that I had made a good computation of how much I will pay, I just get on with the earlier decision and tried to take an hour nap. 
Woke up with the alarm, got dressed, hailed a cab, got into the bus terminal, bought the ticket, got on the bus, arrived at the terminal, picked up my luggage and the miserable feeling started when the c…