If I Wanna Grow Old with a Cat

I just finished watching A Street Cat Named Bob. A movie based from a true story and book of the same title publishes in 2012.

It had become a habit to stream on a movie or an episode as a night cap in here for me. The very fast internet speed connection really got a "whoaaaa!" from me.

Going back to the movie. It's a story about a junkie who decided to be on a rehabilitation program and at the start of his journey, a cat, barged into his home and never left his side from then on.

It made me think then, if I wanna get old with a cat. Just a cat. Kinda lonely, but James, the protag in the story, found his meaning with the cat, Bob, by his side.

I cried for most drama parts of the story.

This is one of those days that it feels lonely. Though, I always hirry home from work and virtually join my family for dinner, it's still feels different if there's someone I can come home to. Tell about my day, complain about little things, encourage each other, talk about just anything and pet a cat with. Haha. The cat will always be part of the story.

I'm just being the emotional me. I've been so overwhelmed with how things are turning out for me that I wish I have that someone I can just talk to about everything that's happening in my life. Social media has been a great way for people to know where I am at now and I have received many well-wishes that I just can't think of reasons why I am receiving so much love. If there were haters, I am not sure, I am not yet that famous, I suppose.

Someday, I am not even sure if I can take care of a cat since I am allergic to it but maybe someday, I'll come across that someone. After all, God had been so kind and faithful and true to His promises to me. He hasn't given anything that's not yet due on it's due time.

On a different story, my sister bought her cat, Tofu, a jersey, a blue one with a Japan imprint on it. Now, Papa is asking, where's the shirt for his favorite cat, Jude....