This is Plagiarism

Hi, How are you doing today? I hope you’re doing great.

Kinda feel awkward to write this letter at the present time when obviously you are still trapped in the future. I hope you’re ok.

I wonder what your present looks like. Are we friends at the moment? If we are friends or will become friends first and you got to read this, you are obliged to write your letter for me too.

How soon are we going to figure out that we are meant for each other? Would you know? I ask a lot of questions, so be prepared to answer all of those. Answers don’t need to make sense; sometimes my questions are just silly ones.

How soon will you arrive? Can you give me some time to prepare? For what? Of course, I would need to learn to cook, to budget and shop at the grocery to name a few. I would want to be at least an ideal partner for you if not perfectly fit for your love.  Or can we start learning these things together?

I had dreamt of marrying an Arab prince, but you don’t have to be one, I will treat you like a king. I wish to welcome you with the best things.  I will take care of you. I will pamper you. I will try to cook for you, but please be by my side coz I might burn down our house.

You need not be rich but someone financially stable. You have to be responsible.  You need not be good-looking but at least someone pleasing to my eyes. You don’t have to be so handsome, just a little will do. Enough to make me feel so lucky that I have you. You need not be cool, nerdy type appeals to me way better. I am clumsy, please don’t get mad, I panic more when someone shouts even if it’s not towards me.  You don’t have to have perfect grammar, that’s fine with me, but at least please try to make use of good English.

Do you love books? I would like it if you are a book reader, but if not, that’s fine, I can tell you about the books I’ve read.

When will you arrive? What’s your favorite food? Sports? Do you have allergies? Do you play any instrument?  Are you a home buddy or do you love to travel?

It’s ok either way, but I would really like if we can travel together every now and then. We can spend overnights at the beach, snorkel in the morning, grill food for lunch, sleep at the hammock in the afternoon and watch the sun set together.  I like to try the slide in Camotes Island, the one that goes straight to the ocean. I hope you’re with me when I do that. I want to try that bungee jump in Macau I’ve read about in a magazine, kinda expensive though, and some day, we will skydive in New Zealand- another ransack on our pockets.  Dive deep onto Berde Island as well and climb Mount Kinabalu too. Those are just few of the things on my bucket list I intend to do with you. I wonder which of them will become reality before I die. We both have to work hard for those.

Just to let you know, I have a deadline for making a little you and a minier-than-me me. They took out my right ovary because of a baseball-sized cyst, it was non-cancerous but it’s solid and used to give me little pain every time I bend. My ob-gyne told me that as much as possible, I should conceive by the age of 28. After that, I may have difficulty.  I’m not in a hurry, mama and paps are together with my titas and lolo and lola who for sure, would love to see their  “apo sa tuhod” . Single-blessedness runs in the family, that’s another source of panic for them.

Oh Yes, you will arrive in God’s perfect time. But honestly, there are times that I hope you are already here especially when I am feeling down and lonely. I know that’s unfair coz your still busy with your life right now, I just wish the perfect time is soon, in a coffee shop or a bookstore or the airport or the grocery…..? Who knows…? In God’s perfect time we will find out.

Take care always.


  1. very bagotilyo's letter to future wife...

    1. boom!naku baka kasuhan ako ng plagiarism ni bagots :/ nainggit ako.. eh di sulat din ako :P

  2. perfect "asa-ness" letter ba ito?

    1. pwdeng ganun na nga nuttybels... pero pwede ring inggitera factor lang tlga...hahaha

  3. I am here... hehehe kinding

    1. ahahaha.. and im right here :P

  4. This is epalness....

    Hi! I'm fine. It's really great to hear from you.

    I'm not trapped in the future, I do not dwell in the past. I'm simply in your dreams. You have difficulty finding me because you sometimes look in the wrong places and in the wrong moments of the day. Therefore, I cannot manifest in your world.

    My present is a blur and yet it's blissful. But everything will be clear if we both make a decisive choice and a giant leap of faith in our lives.

    How soon? I really don't know. We don't ask silly questions. It's just that sometimes we need wisdom.

    I'd like to be there now. But I'm no master of my time. I'm no master of my fate. All I know is that I am fortune's fool.

    You really don't have to worry about learning so many things. I am imperfect too. If I seek a girl of perfection then I will never meet you. It's you I wanna see. Besides, we have a lifetime to learn things and new skills together. But that, I guess, will not be a pretty phase and a rosy experience.

    I dreamt of being an Arab prince who has a harem full of beautiful women, and with you as the most prized and crowning glory of my harem. I know, I do sound a womanizing douche-bag sex addict.

    My thoughts will be for you. My hands will tenderly caress you. Your lips will always be for yours to kiss, my body I offer to warm your nights, and my heart for you to keep. And yes, you may keep my wallet too. I believe you're a better accountant than me, I just ask you to leave me something as an allowance. Hehehehe!

    I'm not good in English. But I speak three languages, a little French, and I might study Mandarin too.

    I have to confess that I suffer bovarism and I'm addicted to books. It doesn't really matter if we don't have the same preference of genre, as long as we can keep still for an hour together fully immersed in one's favoured literature. But I hope you will never mention to me anything about Twilight or Edward Cullen, or even 50 shades of grey. Well, uhm... I think I'd like to try it once though. Hahaha!

    Would it be ok if I let you make our travelling plans. Where you go, I will go. Where you stay, I will stay. And above all, your people will be my people, and my God will be your God. I hope we can be one in flesh, heart, and spirit.

    I have enough stamina to get to work immediately to produce our heirs and heiresses. Is it okay if we name our eldest son Charles Constantine Alexander and our eldest daughter Catherine Elizabeth Antoinette?

    As for the other children you don't have to worry about their names. I've given them already their names

    2nd son- Gabriel Michael Rafael
    3rd Son- Isaiah Cosimo Nathaniel

    2nd daughter- Isabel Consolacion Cristina
    3rd daughter- Josephine Deborah Clarissa

    And yes, it is in God's time and God's will. I'm not even sure if I'm in God's plan for your life. Nevertheless, blessing comes to those who patiently wait upon the Lord.

    I'll see you around.

    Flirtatiously assuming,

    The Epaloid Lover na Feeling Ako Yung Sinulatan

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  6. How sweet naman mr tripster:)

  7. Mr Tripster, you the man! hahaha! you got your answer right there meow meow. Hihihi


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