After Two Years

May 21, 2013

Dear Kat,

How are you doing today? Do you remember the day that you wrote this letter? It is May 21, 2013 in CBTL Convergys at Ayala Avenue, Makati City, around 7pm. You were waiting for 9pm to hit, waiting for your former boss to sign your clearance for you to be able to get your final pay and start paying debts.

Can you still remember why you resigned? Oh I sure know you do! You are reading this letter two years later. Quite a drama but Yes, you are to receive this two years after your fellowship with Teach for the Philippines culminates. Thank God, for you are alive and thank goodness you survived every bit of a challenge. I can imagine, you are starting to be teary-eyed as you read on. Probably laughing at the same time as you continue reading this.

 It all started on a twitter hashtag, remember? You are a symbol of how powerful social media is as an avenue for advocacy, information dissemination and social change. You signed up, prayed every day, asked for your family and friends to pray for you too as you waited to be called on for Assessment Center- for demo teaching and personal interview. Your prayer was answered on February 14, 2013. You received a phone call from Bunny asking how were you, I can still remember your face that day—So groggy due to sleeping pill, yet all your senses woke up when you heard from the phone line that you are going to be a Teacher for Teach for the Philippines! You even cried over the phone! Haha! Still the best Valentine’s Day for you? I do hope you’ll have a sweeter Valentine moment to share aside from that.

Let me tell you how I am imagining your very First Day of School—the first of many firsts!

You are wearing that red uniform with a scarf, as you stand on your high-heeled shoes for a few hours. Your classroom is filled with colors and many pictures, all for the love of learning. On top of every desks, are the information sheets, and a few reading material that your kids will fill out as they step in and find a seat in your classroom. The air is filled with nursery rhyme songs. You welcome them one by one, all smiles and energy but at the back of it, I know you weren’t able to sleep well the night before. You are filled with excitement and a little bit of fear too. But definitely, your first day is a blast! I hope you blog about it as soon as that day ends.

Remember Brigada Eskwela 2013 too? It was actually your inaugural ceremonies as a Teacher! You will be sharing the classroom with a co-fellow and partner teachers. You will be taking the morning shift. On the first day of Brigada Eskwela, together, you all scrubbed the walls, windows and floor. You were also able to meet parents of your will-be students and had a meeting with your co-teachers.

I wonder how your classroom designing turned out? Don’t forget to take pictures! You will need them to save every fleeting moment.

Sigh! For sure, two years will fly so fast.
As you go on with the two years, may I remind you that it will not be an easy journey. I look forward to your compiled stories of tears and success as you take this challenge of becoming an extraordinary teacher for every Filipino child.

Never forget that God is always there to guide you and family and friends and the TFP family to support you and love you.

Wishing you all the success,


  1. Goodluck Ma'am, more please and convice me also to go back in my teaching profession. I love that work, no I better say it as career. nakakamiss din

    1. ...your time will come.. ikaw mismo mo ang magkukusang babalik sa propesyong ito :)

  2. ayy kala ko working ka na as teacher, well, best of luck
    great choice by the way! I bet magiging oks na oks kang teacher
    kasi nandun ung passion

    1. Yep, nung summer, we taught Summer Class and MA studies at the same time.. Pero ngayong June, eto na yung totoong battlefield :S

  3. Aren't we all love teacher meow? I hope you'll reread all your stories and look back... be inspired again. Sigh, time really flies so fast...


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