Things I've Learned

One quarter down. Thank goodness I survived. Thank you to my family, for their continual support and prayers, to my friends everywhere and this blog. 

1.       Never ever let those papers pile up unrecorded.
2.       Always be advanced in lesson planning
3.       Prepare extra worksheets/seatworks.
4.       Take care of oneself—physically and emotionally.
5.       Have songs, hand gestures and mnemonics incorporated in keypoints of the lesson.
6.       Journal daily events in the classroom.
7.       Never let those down moments linger.
8.       Smile.
9.       Be the influence.
10.   Start Mondays with a smile. End Fridays happily.
11.   Read. A lot. Read more.
12.  PRAY.

Meet the Top 10 of our class for the First Grading Period.

Seven more months to go for the first year of my teaching fellowship to get completed. There are still a lot of work to be done.

I had carton boxes of cereal and milk, and as of today, I was able to cut 3”x3”, 2”x2”, and 1.5”x 1.5” of square cards, I will be putting letters on it to be used on remedial classes. I was also able to find a free video downloading app that can help me acquire nursery rhymes and singalong videos for them. The bookset of Hooked on Phonics had also arrived and there are parents that are really eager to acquire their copies to be used for their children at home. I had also asked them to give me dvds so I can give them copies of the videos that I can get here and there.

Im still trying to find ways on how to get copies of Bayani, Hiraya Manawari, Math Tinik, Epol Apple and Atbp, and Sineskwela. There are very limited copies available online. My generation was fortunate to have these tv shows on free tv years ago. Now, most of the educational channels are available on cable tvs. Knowing the economic backgrounds of my kids’ families, getting a cable tv subscription is not a priority.

Last August 31st was Parents’ Day. Report cards of the pupils were given to their parents and their progress were discussed as well. Out of 51, 40 of the guardians and parents came for the meeting and asked about their kids. A parent even cried out of frustration about her child as a frustrated reader. She had been very much willing to  buy all those educational materials that I had told them about, thinking that it will be the answer to her child’s struggle. She is a working mom and had admitted that she cant watch over the child after school since she is the office. She had been willing to pay for afterschool tutorial sessions for the child. Honestly, I am very much tempted to accept the offer but thinking of my other non-reader kids, I just told her that probably she can bring us merienda every now and then on our remedial classes instead.

On Monday, I plan to start my afterclass remedial sessions with three pupils for now. Monday to Wednesday, we will stay in school for one-on-one reading drills. Three kids for now.

I cannot change the world but I know I can change a life of a child as he prepares to face the world. One at a time. As Mr. Marrero, CEO of Mead Johnson Nutrition, advised us, “Be realistic. Don’t lose idealism. Choose your battles.”

I had chosen this. May God be with me.


  1. Mabuhay ang mga guro!

    So much work to do. Big responsibilities too. Just like being a parent.

  2. Do you know that every morning before going to school I pray? I pray for myself that I will be granted wisdom, patience and strength while I also pray for my students that they will learn many things that day.

    Learning to be a teacher is life long. This is just the first year yet you have been taking notes for the next months or years to come. What a great attribute!

    I believe you are in your true calling because i see your love for your craft. Just make sure you don't neglect yourself and that you need to love yourself more than anything else.

  3. Go Teacherrr Yccos! God will always be with you. at pati na rin kami alongside.

  4. So touched naman ako sa yo yccos. You are such a kind, gifted, creative and lovable teacher. They are lucky having you. May God bless you more:)

  5. kaya yann go lang ng go.. Ako so far ok naman mga grades ko sana umabot hanggang end of school year :D

  6. para ka rin talagang nag-aaral sa propesyon na yan. Pero dahil you have faith in God, patuloy ka Niyang ibibless :)

  7. the last line strikes through me. :)

    Continue to be a blessing and inspiration teacher ...

  8. sabi ng parents at relatives ko mag teacher ka nalang, sabi ko naman sawa na ako pumasok sa school ayaw ko na bumalik sa school tapos pagguguro pa kukunin ko, ngayon parang nagsisisi ako parang gusto ko ulit bumalik sa pag aaral at gusto ko kumuha ng History para makpag turo din ng history related din sa pag gagala hehehe...

  9. Syempre the best yung #10.

    For a passionate teacher like you nothing is impossible! Luv u teachers :)

  10. kembot kembot lang yan teacher, hehe! :) matatapos din ang mga dapat tapusin.

  11. Mabuhay ang mga guro tulad nyo. =))

    Naabutan ko rin noon yung free educational shows sa tv i hope ibalik nila yun. Madaming bata ang matutulungan. =))

  12. Grabe talaga ang hard work at dedication mo sa iyong propesyon Cher Kat! *thumbs up*

  13. Ang bilis lang no? Naka First Grading period ka na pala...

    Kaya yan! Be strong enough para sa susunod na mga buwan pa! Pray lang ng pray! Rest assured, marami din kaming nag pi pray for you!

  14. I like those 1- 12 pieces if wisdom. But then; i am an anomalous individual.... I always tend to do the opposite.

    1. I usually pile up loads of paper works and then do them at the last minute. But strange enough they always turn out very well. I think i'm good at being under pressure, under certain circumstances of course. Pero sa trabaho, grabe ginagawa ko talaga lahat. It's not that I'm hard-working. Umiiwas lang ako masermonan and the earlier I finish my work, the better. I hate my job at lagi ako nagmamadali umuwi ng bahay! Hehehe!

    2. I think this is a teacher's imperative. I remember my grandmother writing endlessly on those huge notebooks they call Lesson Plans. I would stay up until midnight with her until she finishes writing. I have always been curious about what she was writing and all those books she's been reading all night. Even on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

    3. Again, another teacher's imperative, a student's nightmare. Hahaha! Joke! Kapag sobrang sipag ng teacher na-"challenge" lagi ang mga mag-aaral. hehehe!

    4. Of course, we should take care of our health. It's not only us who's benefiting but also those who are dependent on us.

    5. I live in Italy. HAND GESTURES IS DONE EVERYTIME, FOR EVERYTHING, AND DONE EVERYWHERE! So that would qualify me as a good teacher, right? hahaha!

    6. Your entries should include the funny things your students do and say. And when you'll look back, you'll be laughing out loud of those silly moments.

    7. Hardships are temporary. It's in our attitude talaga.

    8. Ah, the grand things a smile can do, but we often fail to understand and appreciate.

    9. Sabi nga nila, Leadership is Influence. You influence the youth of today, you'll be influencing the future of society.

    10. This monday, I started sleeping for 15 hours. I woke up and it's tuesday. I think I'll be smiling this weekend. Hahaha!

    11. I love reading. The late Senator Blas Ople once said, "Read. It doesn't matter what you're reading. The important thing is that you read."

    12. Your prayer for the day will determine your day.

    I can't believe na wala nang mga educational TV programs sa television. Puro kung anu-anong ewan na lang. Mga tao talaga kumita lang talaga. I remember those tv programs- Bayani, Hiraya Manawari, Sineskwela. How nostalgic! Meron pa nga yung Batibot at Sesame streets.

    Ano na ngayon ang palabas sa TV?

    Saludo talaga ako sayo! Sabi ko nga, being a teacher is not a profession, it's a calling.

    God bless! Teach the kids, teach the Philippines, and pave the way to a better Filipino society!

  15. @lili: sinabi mo pa..

    accdg to studies daw, 80% of the rich and famous are married to teachers... yahoo! im on my way to richness...hahaha

    @cher jo: the only way i can survive this struggle is through the power of prayer.. God really provides--resources, wisdom, strength and blessings.... lahat-lahat

    @oliver: thanks :D and syempre, push lang tlga.

    @mamijoy: thanks mami, im touched with your Godly posts as well...

    @rix: ikaw din, go lang nang go... hahaha..malalaman mo na lang tapos na ang taon

    @bino: oo nga eh... sobrang dami pa ding blessings to be thankful for amidst the trials..

    @bagots: you too...continue writing those lovestruck posts..hehehe

    @mang unyol: di pa huli ang lahat, sa totoo lang, the educational system needs more male teachers.

    @ms.b: thanks ms.B.... Sana lang masustain ko to... Mahirap din kasi at nakakapagod tlaga...

    @jlo: yep.. may hangganan din ang lahat, kung kelan, i dunno! til now, tambak ang peperwerx.

    superjaid: oo nga eh, its something I used to look forward to at hindi ko malilimutan yung chance na nakasama ko sa set ng sineskwela nung grade three ako :)

    @fiel: naku fiel, paminsan may tamad factor din...hehhe

    @kuya mar: oo nga, ambilis! ikaw din, di mo namamalayan, babalik ka na dito :D pakape ka ah! at syempre kasama din kayo sa prayers ko....

    @mr.trips: syempre, ikaw ang pinakabongga at sa totoo lang, pareho tayo sa mga ganyan..isinulat ko ang mga to para alam ko kung anong mga dapat kong iimprove sa sarili ko..and til now, honestly, its a struggle, sobrang nakakpagod maging masipag pero at the end of the day, fulfilling na mission accomplished...


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