10.21.2013 Merry Monday

It was a regular Monday afternoon when I got home. I had loads of test papers with me. Unchecked or I don’t even want to check but I have to. Oh well.

When I get home, I would drop all my bags on the floor in the living room. Then, I’ll kick off my shoes. Would start unbuttoning my uniform as I walk up the stairs towards my room. Change to house clothes. Lie in bed. Grab my tab. Check my phone. (I usually forget to bring my phone to school).

Let the Merry Monday Begin

Two missed calls and several messages all from the same number. 
It’s Dadi Jay.

He is in the country for vacation with his family. Last August, he was one of the people who took time to read my Wishlist. He asked for my address and contact numbers and promised that he will fulfill one on the list. Then he said, if he cant send it in soon, he might just give it to me when he gets here this coming October. October came and I’m not really that type who would remind people about promises or I would even forget about it altogether. Dadi Jay did not forget about it and is very much willing to fulfill one of my many wishes! As I check my facebook, he also left a few messages and had made suggestions for the plays or concerts I can avail through his as he would call it, “random act of kindness”. I am left speechless for a little while. I can’t seem to say anything. My mind is clouded with many thank yous!

We also had a bit of chitchat about his stay and catch up about a few friends, then later on, he asked if I could meet him up at Trinoma so he can hand me his gift since he will be back to the province the following day to reunite with his family. Of course, I said yes! (baka kasi magbago pa isip na DadiJay about my gift, sayang naman, Hahaha)

It was a very quick meet up at Kenny Rogers because he is also scheduled to go to DFA to pick up some documents. He handed me a paperbag with a book and little sand souvenir from Dubai. Because of him, I can definitely watch MAXIE THE MUSICAL, wishlist #11, good as fulfilled. Though the play is set to start on November 9, as early as now, I know, I’ll watch it! I’m so excited! He talked about his ongoing hiatus in blogging, on it’s 5th month now. But I bet, he will be back soon! Of course, he will be. He also plans to meet a few more bloggers while he is here. I hope to meet him up again and his cute little kiddo, Caleb.  A little more talk about online stocks and investments. He said, it’s what keeps him up and busy lately. It feels good to know that we are all getting concerned about our future and financial stability. A few more updates about common friends and it was time for him to go.  More or less than 30 minutes of talking to him, obviously was not enough but hopefully, we could do it again some other time on a more relax setting.  So, we parted ways our goodbyes and wish other well. As I walk my way out of the mall, I am still smiling, as I ride the PUJ, the tricycle and all the way home! I can’t help it. The big smile is painted on my face. I feel so blessed. 

The Merry Monday Continues

Kuya called up to ask if I can pick up the guitar later that evening.

I always wanted to have a guitar of my own, we only have one at home and I can’t just bring it with me to my new house. So when Kuya decided to give his guitar, I am lucky girl!

Last summer, he decided to let go of his violin, which my younger siblings gladly took, and until now, they are still struggling to learn it. I had no plans of stressing myself with it. Though they say that it really is a destressor. Oh well, let them have it. I am glad of my new guitar.

It’s a Fernando Acoustic Guitar with a built-in Electronic Tuner which would really make my life easier. I met him at UP Technohub around 9:30PM, his work starts at 10PM. I wish we could talk longer, I miss the good old days when we were still together, studying at the same university, sharing our ups and downs. Now that we are both working, we rarely have time to catch up, we just Hang Out. Hehehe. The maker of that app was so witty to name it that way.

It was already 10:30 PM when I got home, way past my bedtime. When I saw my bed, I finally felt tired and sleepy. As I lie in bed and recall what happened to my Monday, saying that it was a merry Monday is an understatement, it was a BLESSED Monday. 

Thank You Lord for letting me have these wonderful, generous people in my life. May they continue to share their blessings and inspire the people around. Just like them, let me be a blessing to others in my own little way, every day.


  1. You are blessed because you are a blessing too:) I am happy for you:)

    1. sana nga po mamijoy. Pero ikaw po, alam kong totoong blessing ka sa napkaraming tao :)


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