Memories of Burot

Sembreak. We deserve a break!

This is an almost a month late post.

For Reinna and me, it had never been hard to decided where to go, what to eat and what to talk about. The decision to choose Burot Beach came with the following things for consideration:

1. Time - we both can't go away from our jobs for long, but we both know that we have to detach ourselves from it, even just for a day.

2. Budget -  we both have a change of job this year.

3. Beach - it just have to be a beach.

4. Safety - my friend is sort of a security freak and obsessed with rules, I remember, on our first trip, she asked if we have tent rules... Lol...

With all these things in consideration, on November 1-2, 2013, our 2nd Getaway trip for the year happened. Off we go to Calatagan, Batangas via passenger van, cost is Php170/head. Instead of riding a tricycle going to the beach, we were able to negotitate with the driver of the same van to drive us all the way to the beach :D

Entrance to the beach costs Php 65/head for daycamping and Php 130/head for overnight stay. There's no electricity in the area however one can rent tents and tables. As for the costs, I had no idea since we brought our own camping stuff.

Bum. Camp. Bum. Eat. Sleep. Swim. Sleep. Shoot. Shoot. Shoot. Sleep. Bum. Eat. Camp. Bum.

How often can we do all those things, all in the same day, especially the BUM part?

Burot Beach is famous for it's breathtaking sunset. True enough, it was really a moment that one would just stop and watch the ball of fire hide down in the ocean. I even had a moment that I forgot that I should be taking pictures!
Hindi ko alam kung bakit, basta ang mga tsinelas namin ang unang may picture tuwing gagala kami.

Hulaan kung kanino at saang parte ng katawan ang nunal na ito....

Lahat ng nakita kong blog tungkol sa Burot, may ganitong shot, nakigaya lang ako :D 

Try try din magpicture ng flowers lalo at pink :D 

San ka pupunta?

Buti na lang hindi kita yung dumi ni Macky my camera :( 

Andami nagpipicture ng mga oras na to. Ang hirap humanap ng bonggang anggulo..

Syempre, kelangan may picture ang tsinelas kong nakuha ko sa bazaar.

Papalubog na sya. Ayan na!!!!

in-effot ko talagang makuhanan yung bilog na bilog. pero hindi kaya ni macky... sa susunod na lang, :P

Feeling ko may lumilipad na mga paniki tapos lalabas na si Dracula. 

Dinala ko lang ang tripod para maging props. Lels.. 

Pag nasa beach, automatic, may picture ng bangkang naka-dock. Hehe

Umaga na to. Malawak pa pala ang Burot Beach. etong part na to, walang nagka-camp out. At sobrang tahimik.

Good morning. Ilang oras na lang, balik trabaho na naman. 

I definitely wanna go back. Hopefully for the summer, I can take my entire family and friends here.


  1. I need to google Burot Beach since I am not familiar with names and locations of nearby beaches. Nice shots, love the one with the tsinelas. Kailangan naman talaga nation ng break or me time, kung wala niyan, we end up like zombies.

    1. kelangan talaga merong work-life balance :D :D :D lablayp na lang ang

  2. waaa... dapat sa draft pa lang to kasi ieedit ko pa.. lols.. ang zombie mode ko ta
    laga today :(

  3. Breathtaking views!
    Love that place, Burot beach.. (Kahit di ko pa nararating)

    1. haha... you can go and visit once you're in phil :D :D :D
      salamat. those pics were taken effortlessly and by anyone who has a camera. no editing needed dahil ang ganda nya as is.....

  4. Wow! Ganda dyan at ganda ng mga shots mo. Hope makapunta din me dyan one day:)
    Buti nag enjoy ka dyan:)

    1. Yes, mamijoy. my friend and i really had a great time :D and maybe, you can put this on your to go list sa iyong next vacation here :)

  5. I just had a ! hour conversation sa customer ko about beaches, haha and napaisip ako super tagal na pala nung last time n nakapunta ko sa dagat ehehe

    1. lols... time for you to pack that back and hit the beach and kiss the waves!

  6. Ang cute naman ng pangalan ng Burot beach..akala ko parang mangga..buro nga pala yun haha :)

    Ganda ng shots lalo na nung sunset! :)

    1. Oo... it's a must see :D sobrang amazing...

  7. pls contact 0949-7411-982 for tryk ride service and for more info to burot beach..thanks..


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