Saturdaythought 03.15.2014

Happy Birthday Ms. B of Balutmanila :) :) :) You are doing well in your 365 Blog Challenge! Keep it up and may you always be blessed. 

I was checking on the Raging Fire video posted by Olivr on his blog and saw this video on the Suggestions box. I told myself I’m gonna check it out right after I watch the Phillip Phillips video, did just that and told myself that I wanna answer that same questions in a blog post. However, I stopped because I still have some school paperwork to deal with and I can only write after I am done with the stuff  I promised to finish today. Didn’t realize that writing a post as a reward would work for me. Lol. OR maybe it was just the topic that really fuelled up my will. Lels.

It is my first time to watch The Science of Love by Soulpancake in Youtube. The Kid President had always been a favorite, a show also made by Soulpancake. As per Wikipedia, offers discussion, blog posts, questions, creative activities, writing exercises, poll, interviews, columns, videos, original art by up-and-coming artists. Discussions are open to all registered members, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, etc. I prefer selecting the topics on Youtube though. Randomly.

The Single Life: The Science of Love questions I would like to answer myself.  
1.      If you could wake up one day, would you be single or in a relationship?
My answer would not be different from that of the others, Of course, I wanna wake up In a Relationship J

2.      What are the qualities you look for in a partner?
This one is not really hard to answer:

a.      has good sense of humor
b.      adventurous
c.       responsible
d.      washes the dishes
e.       reads a lot
f.        knows how to cook
g.      honest
h.      a morning person

3.       What do you think it is that other people are looking for in a partner?
Someone that would fit their own personality in general. Someone who likes the idea of you and not molding you to be their ideal partner.

4.         Are all those qualities packed in a single person now?
Maybe. I don’t know. I took a time off from discovering that in one person for a little while now. I chose not to date anyone or even randomly. Maybe I'm too busy or too happy with whatever and whoever I have now in my circle. 

5.        Would you be willing to give him a call tell him that he has these qualities?
Not sure who to call. Lol

6.        How do you feel about taking a risk like that?
I’m totally GAME to take this risk. I just happen not to have anyone to take that risk on at the moment.

Go out and take a chance on somebody. We are a lot more alike than what we think. Everyone wants love but a lot of the ideas about how we get it, give it, sustain it are outdated, conflicting and kind of vague.- Julian of The Science of Love

Found this a good icebreaker as I work on completing the school yearend requirements.


  1. The qualities are ideal of any person but looking for all of them in one might be a challenge. Based on experience, when I was having a blast being with my circle of friends, we all forgot to look for ourselves so we ended being single later in life. Though it wasn't a choice on my part, being single became easier for me in many ways. But don't be, continue searching and always open your eyes. Good luck my friend!

    I looked at the qualities and I don't fit in one of them 100%, take a guess, lol!

    1. Washes the dishes? Lels...

      Minsan, it's not really a partner we look for, sometimes, friends fit the description.. Hay..
      In God's perfect time, darating din yun.. Hihi

    2. Nope, ha,ha,ha. I don't know how to cook. I have my own cook.

  2. Soulpancake! :)

    ano nga kaya yung feeling na isang araw paggising mo nandyan na siya sa tabi mo... hehehe

    paborito ko rin na panuorin yang soulpancake, nakakatanggal ng stress at nakakataba ng puso ang kanilang mga video :)

    pareho pala tayo ng situation ngayon, tinatapos ang mga kung anu-anong forms na kailangan bago matapos ang school year!

    possible nga kaya na yung lahat ng mga qualities na hinahanap mo ay nasa iisang tao lang? paano naman kaya kung hindi rin lahat ng hinahanap niya ay nasa iyo? magkakatuluyan pa kaya kayo?

    bigla ko lang naisip ang mga tanong na iyan :)

    good luck sa ating mga gawain :)

    1. Through compromise and understanding, possible naman siguro yan.. Hehehe.. Dunno.

      Uhuh. Konting kembot na lang Cher Jep! Bakasyon na.. Woohoo!

  3. Nice set of questions. So ganitong topic pala dapat lagi para ganahan ka mag post! More!!!!

    1. Series to sa Soulpancake sa youtube, search mo! Hehehe... Naku, andami kong gusto isulat, di ko lang alam kung pano buuin kaya puro notes lang sa notebook. Hehehe... Ikaw, anong magpapasipag sayo magpost? :P hehe

  4. hi yccos, thanks sa pagdaan, at sa touching na pag-mention. haha. At, soulpancake is <3


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